What Content People Actually See On Facebook

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(Hypebot) — Have you ever wondered where people are getting their information on Facebook? This article breaks down who, what, and where the average user is viewing on their accounts.

A guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

If you listen to all the news reports, Facebook users are inundated with misinformation posts mostly coming from foreign entities. As so much in the news, something that is actually a minor issue may be made out to be a far larger problem than it really is. That’s what Facebook would like you to believe, and that’s what its Widely Viewed Content Report spells out. Keep in mind that the data is for the United States during Q3 2021 only.

What Users See

As the graphic at the top of the page shows, the vast majority of what a Facebook user sees in his/her newsfeed comes from friends and people followed, groups joined, and pages followed. Only about 13% comes from posts outside of the user’s immediate circle.

The study shows that 52% of all content viewed doesn’t even have a link, and posts from news organizations only account for 0.3% of all posts that a typical user sees.

The top 10 domains accessed from Facebook are also way different than you might believe. Not only that, it only amounts to around 2% of the total views on the platform.

Rank Domain Content Viewers
1 youtube.com 183.8M
2 gofundme.com 132.0M
3 amazon.com 131.7M
4 media1.tenor.co 124.7M
5 twitter.com 118.8M
6 unicef.org 111.1M
7 linktr.ee 102.9M
8 tiktok.com 99.4M
9 abcnews.go.com 98.2M
10 cdc.gov 97.8M

The most widely viewed pages on Facebook only accounts for 1% of the viewership. Yet, they’re not what you expect.

Rank Page Link Page Name Content Viewers
1 facebook.com/376347092480657 Thinkarete lifestyle 140.9M
2 facebook.com/229283250455260 96.9 The Eagle KKGL 133.2M
3 facebook.com/100044603911781 Moore or Less Cooking Blog 128.9M
4 facebook.com/100044314755323 Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons 127.9M
5 facebook.com/68793499001 UNICEF 125.3M
6 facebook.com/157682947576349 101.9 KISS FM 121.4M
7 facebook.com/102845731859490 That ain’t right 112.6M
8 facebook.com/107504660991761 Meme Feed 111.9M
9 facebook.com/175750359224528 LADbible Australia 109.1M
10 facebook.com/244713198899996 Do You Remember When 108.2M

Take notice that 3 of the top 10 are radio stations!

The Caveat

While Facebook is said to have 2.91 billion users worldwide, it only has 261 million active users in the U.S. and Canada. It looks like the unsolicited news feed material is mostly junk, but that doesn’t mean there’s no danger there. For one thing, even if only a small niche of users sees some of the misinformation posts that are pumped out, that’s still a significant enough number of users to cause many of the problems we’re seeing.

Probably the biggest elephant in the room is how much to trust this information, since it comes directly from Facebook and not a third party. As we’ve recently seen, the company is not above cherry-picking and repressing data to make itself look good.

But if these numbers are even in the ballpark it’s good news for artists and bands, since it means that your competition for engagement is less likely to come from a major news entity or brand than from someone else in the industry.

Read more:  https://music3point0.com/2021/11/11/facebook-widely-viewed-content/#ixzz7BynWgkWM
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Bobby Owsinski is a producer/engineer, author and coach. He has authored 24 books on recording, music, the music business and social media.

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