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5 Guiding Principles Of Facebook Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO (Hypebot) — Facebook recently released a document titled Best Practice Guide: Marketing on Facebook. Though I have to admit I initially felt a bit of the "you will be assimilated vibe", it's actually a decent document for social marketing as applied to Facebook. So I want to share what they describe as "Five guiding principles" and then point to additional reasons for checking it out.

Five Guiding Principles:

Build a strategy that is social by design: "Social should be baked into everything you do, not added at the end of a campaign or done on the side."
Create an authentic brand voice: "Bring your brand personality to life through an authentic and consistent voice."
Make it interactive: "Always engage in two-way conversations. Think about the aspects of your brand that are inherently social and create content that people will be excited to pass along."
Nurture your relationships: "Building relationships with people…takes time and requires a long-term investment."
Keep learning: "Get feedback from people in real time…[and] iterate on the fly. Use reporting tools to learn about your fans and the content and products they find more interesting.

So be yourself. Get to know people. Find out what interests them. Give them the opportunity to find out about you and share what you have that's interesting.

A lot of this should now be second nature to musicians and marketers who have shifted from a corporate or pseudo-corporate voice to having dialogues with fans and potential fans, sharing music and related content and creating opportunities for fans to get involved with your b[r]and in a way that interests them.

The Guide goes on to share specific, practical ideas for doing these things on Facebook using the wide variety of tools and services now available. It includes some mini-case studies along the way. And then it wraps things up with a page of "Helpful Facebook Resources" including a lot of stuff worth checking out.

I have yet to find an official landing page for this document but you can download it here.