Timeshares For Venue Luxury Suites Started In San Francisco Bay Area

(CelebrityAccess MediaWire) —

Owner's Pass, LLC is offering timeshared access to luxury suites at sporting events. Timesharing is a proven business model that has been successful for many luxury assets such as vacation property, corporate jets and yachts. Owner's Pass is the first to extend that business model to stadium luxury suites by acquiring the rights to luxury boxes and offering these events to members in smaller, more flexible packages.

By obtaining luxury suite leases at all the venues in a particular metropolitan area, Owner's Pass is able to offer suite access at a wider variety of events, to a larger potential market, at a much lower cost. The company currently leases luxury suites at the sports stadiums in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is expanding to other markets in the U.S. with three or more professional sports teams. For instance, an Owner's Pass member might entertain guests at several Giants & A's games in the summer, Raiders and Niners games in the fall, and Warriors and Sharks games in the winter and spring, all for less than the cost of a single annual luxury suite lease. Plus, Owner's Pass enables members to reschedule their events, so if a member can not attend a previously scheduled game, they can swap that event for another game in the future at no additional cost.

"We've found that corporations value the flexibility to reschedule games when a conflict arises," said John Arledge, co-founder and CEO of Owner's Pass. "Owner's Pass makes it possible for companies to invest in a membership providing exactly the number of games that makes sense for them. They gain the added benefit of access to suites at all the professional sports stadiums in the area so they can spread their events throughout the year, not just in a condensed 4-6 month schedule."

"We've always found that stadium luxury suites are an impressive and memorable way to entertain clients and prospects," said Alan Mendelson, partner at Latham & Watkins LLP. "With Owner's Pass we've been able to choose just the games we're interested in, in the quantity that works for us, and we still get all the benefits of suite ownership."

Owner's Pass members are entitled to:

  • Multi-team, multi-game selection — choose from MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL
    games and teams in the area;

  • Year-round events — members aren't limited to a concentrated schedule
    for a single team;

  • "Right sized" memberships — select the number of games that are
    realistic to attend;

  • Flexibility to trade games when not used;
  • No long-term commitments;
  • Lower entry pricing than full year suites;
  • Better locations than "day of game" rentals:
  • Entertaining in a luxury suite is a highly memorable event with a price
    comparable to high-end dinners, golf, or other corporate entertainment

  • Convenient, luxury accommodations — an Owner's Pass membership
    includes VIP parking, premium catering and concierge services; and

  • Access to playoff games, concerts and other special events that occur
    at Owner's Pass venues throughout the year.

–Bob Grossweiner and Jane Cohen