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What MySpace Buying iLike Means For Musicians

You've spent countless hours tweaking your iLike profile. You’re using iLike widgets to spread the word across other sites and particularly on Facebook where it’s the most popular music app available.

But now MySpace has bought iLike and things are going to change. Facebook is going to kick iLike widgets off their site because that it's owned by its top competitor MySpace.

Fortunately, for now at least, there's no need for alarm. MySpace has very publically stated that it’s not going to change iLike – just use its know-how and technology. And Facebook is very unlikely to enrage millions of users by kicking its #1 music app off its supposedly "open" site; at least until it develops a music strategy of its own.

Things certainly can change and Hypebot will be watching it all closely for you. (In fact, if you see anything weird email me at hypebot(at)skylineineonline(dot)com and I'll investigate) But until then, rest easy, I've got your back.