British Bands Blitz Berlin

(CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — UK record companies' trade association the BPI has announced that it is to launch a week-long promotion for British music in Berlin.

Under the banner "British Music Week” the BPI will work with a series of local partners to focus consumer attention on UK music.

The promotion, set to run from May 19-26 is the latest in a series of BPI initiatives aimed at increasing exposure for British music at home and abroad.

BPI chairman Peter Jamieson said, “British Music Week is designed to focus the attention of both the media and the public on the whole range of exciting music coming from the UK. By focusing activity in one week we believe artists and record labels will benefit from a critical mass which captures the attention of music fans. We are very pleased to announce that the very first British Music Week will take place in Berlin from May 19-26.”

British Music Week in Berlin is centred on four key partners: Live promoter Karrera Klub which has a particular focus on UK acts and which runs a series of ‘Britpop’ club nights all over Berlin featuring British alternative rock. Karrera Klub will promote a series of gigs by UK artists throughout the week;

Berlin’s leading public service radio station Radio Eins, which will broadcast the gigs, and ramp up its UK music output with a British-slanted playlist. The full line-up and broadcast details will be announced shortly;

Music retailer Dussman whose Kulturkaufhaus in Berlin’s Friedrichstrasse is the city’s most influential record shop;

Berlin’s biggest listings magazine Tip, which will run features on UK artists, and reviews of the British gigs.

The BPI is also teaming up with the British Embassy in Berlin to run a masterclass on the UK music industry and networking event for representatives of the British and German record industries.

BPI Development Director Steve Redmond said; "Germany has long been one of the most important markets for UK music. British Music Week in Berlin will provide an opportunity for the industry, the media and the public to celebrate some of the exciting new music coming from the UK."

The British Ambassador to Germany, Sir Peter Torry, KCMG said: "I am delighted to hear that Berlin will host a British Music Week in May. "

"I look forward to hearing and seeing the cream of British talent at the various events being planned for this week; it is particularly pleasing to see follow up to the successful Popkomm events we have held in the Embassy for the last two years."

Spencer Thiele from Karrera Klub said, "Karrera Klub has been promoting, supporting and indeed living British music in Berlin for almost a decade. British Music Week gives us a unique opportunity to present music lovers with a wide range of British acts, be they established or up-and-coming bands."

Peter Radzuhn, Head of Music of Radio Eins, said, "Our listeners will love British Music Week. British music has a very significant bearing on the Radio Eins music policy. British Music Week will allow us to further underline this music policy and at the same time discover some new acts."

Hagen Liebing, Tip Music Editor said: "For more than 30 years Tip has been enjoying and promoting British music in our city. We don’t care if it’s mega-selling or just for fans, as long as it is wonderful music. "

"So bring us the next Beatles, Stones, Stone Roses, La's, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Teenage Fanclub, Oasis, Ferdinands or Monkeys – we're eager to tell Berlin about it!"