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Eric Church

Op-Ed: 61 Days In Church

Eric Church
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*No one knows about this because it was exclusive to Apple Music for two weeks. Do this, and the rest of the streaming providers don’t lift a finger, they’ll add your music when they can, but they’re not about to promote it.

How could Church’s people be so stupid?

This is what happens when you enter the Apple alternate reality cloud, they suck you in and your thoughts are distorted thinking you’re getting ahead when you’re really falling behind. I’m a huge Church fan, I even know him and his management team, but I was unaware of this project, and it’s FANTASTIC, GROUNDBREAKING!

You see Church is essentially bootlegging his own material.

Prior to the internet the model was one of scarcity. Limited product, dribbled out. Now everything is available for free on YouTube and live cuts mean little and pay even less. So why not put out your own live recordings on streaming services and get paid for it!

That’s what Eric Church has done here. That’s what all acts should do. Fans want more, GIVE IT TO THEM!

So there’s a vinyl box costing nearly five hundred bucks for the diehards. And the thing is everybody’s got diehard fans who will pop for this stuff. That’s the model Patreon is built upon. Nobodies making a living on superfans.

But the average person can listen to the songs streaming and it’s a REVELATION!

You see I was bouncing through my country favorites, and Church came across my mind and I searched on him in Spotify and I came up with these live compilations “61 Days In Church,” and there are four volumes already, of 30 plus songs each! Can you imagine?

Assuming you’re a fan. If you’re not, you may not cotton to Church’s nasal delivery. But the choice of material will wow you.

He plays my favorite from “Eat A Peach,” the Allmans’ “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More.” The Faces’ “Ooh La La.” John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind.” Marshall Tucker’s “Heard It In A Love Song.” “Chain Of Fools”? CHEVY VAN???

If this does not make you want to go to the show, you were never a fan to begin with.

If you are a fan, this project bonds you to him.

I’m gonna make a playlist of some of these covers. Click through ’em, crack up. This is a guy with roots and he’s willing to evidence them. Isn’t that what a musician does?

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