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Music Manager, Marketer Timothy Collins Talks Strategy

Music Manager, Marketer Timothy Collins Talks Strategy

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(Hypebot) — In this interview Swedish twenty-two-year-old manager and digital strategist Timothy Collins discusses his company UNLTD, the importance of innovation, and the challenge of breaking through the social media landscape.


Guest post by Veselina Gerova of The Message


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Timothy Collins, 22 y/o from Sweden. I’m the Head Of Digital Strategies at UNLTD and the manager of artist and writer Kiaan and MIO under At Night Management.

My main interest lies in finding new ways to break through the noise of today’s media landscape through growth hacking initiatives and creative actions as well as being a huge music lover. In my spare time, I go rock climbing, experiment with social media projects and write music.

Also, can you tell us a bit about the company you work for?

The company was formed and founded in 2008 by Ash Pournouri through the success of Avicii. Since then we have developed into a much broader company than we were at the beginning; initially, it was a management company. Today, UNLTD is a modern media house, record label, music publisher, event organizer, artist booking agency and much more.

What is your position there?

Head Of Digital Strategies, Manager.

Working with artists on the digital marketing side of things requires you to help artists build a strong brand. How important do you think it is for musicians to reach and connect with their fans directly online?

I believe it’s extremely important, especially given how things are today in the modern music-consumers’ life. We don’t listen to artists the same way we once did, it’s a much more singles-driven market which makes the interest of the person behind the music much lower than ever before.

That means it’s super important for artists to nurture and really care about the relationship they build or can build with the fans that actually care about their brand.

Is it important for musicians these days to be innovative when it comes to technology? If so, why?

One hundred percent. Now, more than ever, it’s easier to reach audiences that were previously impossible to reach. You can currently do that with very little resources compared to what you needed before in order to successfully market your music.

Today, if you have 500 bucks and a creative mind you can make A LOT happen just by spending the money wisely as well as using the right tools/apps. You are able to generate an insane amount of reach and buzz, but you just need to get creative!

Speaking of innovation, there has been quite some hype around messaging lately. Do you think that a Messenger bot is a good way for artists to connect with their fans online directly?

I do believe it’s a good way, as long as you make it clear for the audience that they aren’t really having a conversation with the real artist. I personally believe that the bot service is a great thing for established artists to help their fans keep track of what’s going on.

However, I would always suggest for the artists to find a way to be personal and take their time to answer questions coming from real and devoted fans themselves and not ONLY automating the process. Bots are a great thing, as long as they don’t entirely replace the personal connection you as an artist should create with your fans and followers.

What can musicians use a Messenger bot for?

It’s a great way of letting your fans know what’s going on through more personal push-notifications, providing information in an easy-to-consume way and also letting them interact “with you” in a more fun way.

How do Messenger bots differ from social media posts in your opinion?

Anything that has to do with direct interaction is great. This creates a more personal experience as well as it actually makes people remember you better. A message through a regular post is too ordinary and common today — therefore, using bots can help break through the noise with certain messaging sometimes.

What are the marketing advantages of having a Messenger bot? (for artists)

It’s hassle-free, automated, time efficient as well as timely — you can let your fans know what will happen and what you want them to know exactly when you want them to know it.

Do you think a Messenger bot can help with one’s brand building? If so, why/how?

Sure! You become “top-of-mind” to your followers when you have a simpler process of reaching out to them. Using bots is also sort of a statement when it comes to being more in tune with the technical advances of today’s communication — so in the least, it makes you look trendy and like you know your stuff.

Behind The Artist is a Q&A style interview series featuring the people behind the artists; the marketing heroes you don’t hear about that often. They are the ones who help artists build a brand and a strong online presence. We decided to approach these marketing gurus and ask them all about their thoughts on online branding for artists, bots and strategies. They share their thoughts, expertise and their vision for the future.

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