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How To Ask For Donations And Not Get Rejected

How To Ask For Donations And Not Get Rejected

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Nonprofit organization and charities rely on donations and sponsors to conduct their activities. Asking for donations has always been a sensitive subject. It can feel intimidating at first, but there’s no need to feel that way.

In this article, we are going to see how you can ask for donations and minimize your chances of getting rejected.


  1. Research your potential donors

Find out who are the people that are most likely to donate to your cause.

It is important to know what their pain points are, what would stop them from giving, what would make them give, what kind of messages work best for them and what type of language they tend to use.

This is helpful because it will help you craft targeted messages. Also, you will learn what words you need to use when you talk to them directly.

  1. Show them how they can make a difference

If you ask for donations, and you do not want to be rejected, then it is important to tell your potential donors how exactly their donations will help your cause and your organization.

Donors have become quite selective when it comes to where their money goes, so you have to make sure that you show them how their donations can make a change.

  1. Be prepared to answer any questions they might have

Some donors will most likely ask you why they should donate to your cause, which is a legit question if you think about it. Make sure you have an answer prepared for this situation. Ensure that you have answers prepared for other questions as well.

If the donors can sense that you are being hesitant, then it is going to be hard to win them over.

  1. Don’t surprise donors

The chances are that if you go ahead and ask for donations from someone that never heard of your organization, they will need some time to think about it. After all, you are asking a stranger to give your organization their hard-earned money.

Approach donors that already made contact with your cause because they will find it easier to donate to someone they are familiar with.

  1. Use particular words

If you use the following words, then you will see that the donations will increase: Small, immediately, expert and you.

For instance, when the word “small” is placed near the amount of money needed for a donation, the response rate can increase by a whopping 20%. When people donate to a cause, they cannot really see results overnight, so the word “immediately” will make them take action right away.

People tend to trust the opinion of “experts”, so this word is very strong in this context. Last, but not least, using the word “you” is going to reassure the donor that you are talking directly to them.

  1. Organize an event for them

Winning donors’ trust will be that much easier if you give something worthwhile in return. Moreover, what can be a better reward than an event organized in their honor? Yes, it will be costly, but it will help your donors remember you forever.

Plus, you can ask for donations during the event since they’ll be more likely to comply with that because they’ll be in a good mood. If you want to boost your chances, then make sure to book some quality entertainment as well because it will make a world of difference when it comes to achieving success for your nonprofit.

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