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Jazz Fest Cancels

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Hallelujah! AEG demonstrates some backbone, evidences some leadership, where is everybody else?

Hanging it out on their own. Limp Bizkit killing August shows. Fall Out Boy and Counting Crows canceling dates. I ask you, if members of these acts’ touring parties tested positive, what are the odds audience members have too? 100%

But everybody’s passing the buck.

Live Nation says they’ll allow acts to require vaccination or proof of a negative test, but they’re not taking a company-wide stand. And enough with this proof of a negative test, let’s just say you have to be vaccinated, to make it easy, to make it simple.

Like the armed services.

The story is we’re in spring of 2020. You know, when right wing media flipped and stopped saying Covid-19 was no worse than the flu. That’s right, it won’t be long before right wing politicians and news outlets start saying to get the vaccine. They’ll blame it on the left, of course, Nancy Pelosi first and foremost. And let’s not forget Hillary Clinton… But, when science and tide collide, you don’t want to be on the wrong side.

As for the public getting vaccinated…

“Americans who are still unvaccinated have gone from ‘not right now’ to ‘I won’t get it at all.'”:

Do you read the statistics? Do you know anybody who won’t get vaccinated? They’re never ever gonna change their mind until they’re absolutely forced to. Don’t tell me about FDA approval, that’s not the sole reason these people are not getting the jab, they’ve got a whole litany of reasons. Can we stop setting up these irrelevant straw men? They’re not gonna get vaccinated until they have to. Which could possibly be never. But we can make their lives damn hard without the shot.

That’s where we are now. It’s just that elected officials are so worried about pissing off their constituents they won’t lead. Isn’t this why you get elected to begin with? Private companies have been leading like crazy, not only AEG, but even Walmart, based in ARKANSAS! But if you’re an elected official, you’re paralyzed. Or on the wrong side and doubling-down. Ron DeSantis is running his reputation into the ground, he’s taken it too far, he’s been so busy catering to the crazies that he’s lost all perspective.

“U.S. judge says Florida can’t ban cruise ship’s ‘vaccine passport’ program”:

That’s right, he keeps losing. Come on, who wants no vaccine requirements on a cruise ship? Not anybody who wants to get on one! Only yahoos who are not leaving home to begin with. As for not allowing mask requirements… These are the same people who constantly want to hold up religious requirements, what bakers and caterers can do based on what a fictitious man in the sky has to say. But when it comes to science, life and death, NO!

You can be encouraged by the regretters. Then again, there’s the woman in the “Wall Street Journal” whose parents died of Covid in the last ten days who refuses to get the shot. Let me ask you, what do you think is gonna convince her? NOTHING!

“Neighbors’ Deaths From Covid-19 Have an Arkansas Town Reassessing Vaccines – With many still deeply skeptical of the vaccines, community leaders are trying everything to persuade a reluctant populace to take them”:

(Unfortunately behind a paywall where those who need to see it won’t.)

The L.A. “Times” interviewed mayors where inoculation is low. They won’t take a stand. For fear of blowback. What next, we won’t certify elections because we’re afraid these same people, all good people, are going to riot at the Capitol? Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

“Why are vaccination rates so low? We found the worst county in each state and asked the politicians”:

Covid keeps creeping. The Delta variant is spread more easily and is more powerful. As for Eric Clapton saying you can’t require to prove vaccination to go to his shows that’s not what the Albert Hall promoters say: No, you’ve got have gotten the jab or show that test saying you’re Covid free…I mean isn’t it easier to just get the shot than get tested?


But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about digging your heels in and refusing to change because you’re mad at…exactly who? The government, the medical establishment, seemingly everybody. Isn’t it time the institutions these people are angry with stop trying to cater to them and pull their trains away from the station? No one likes to get left behind. They just want to make sure you can’t leave too.

So the noose is tightening. Not only in hospitals, where even the young are dying, but out in the world with the institutions that are mad as hell and just can’t take it anymore!

As for masks… People can’t even wear them right. I was getting my blood tested today and a bloke walks in with his mask around his mouth but not his nose. As if your nose is just ornamental, that you don’t breathe through it. I told him to pull his mask up, but I was afraid, you’re damn right. But why should I be! It’s not like the building doesn’t insist on masking. Masking is like suing Napster when you’ve got Spotify. Cut them off at the pass!

And that means if you want to go anywhere, you’ve got to have the shot.

Stay in your home. Walk in a field. But you can’t go in a building without the shot.

And why not? You’re afraid of these wankers? When is everybody gonna start standing up to them, demonstrate that they’re in the minority. I’m sick of minority rule, aren’t you?

Come on, you went to school. No one is released until someone admits fault. That they wrote on the blackboard, stole the milk money. Everybody sits there until someone raises their hand. We can do this in real life, but everybody refuses!

You’ve got to squeeze people. And yes, the good have to be penalized too, because we live in a society and we’re all in this together.

Concert promoters should all get together, they’ve got an organization, and say no jab, no show. Finito. If everybody is on the same page, no single venue takes the heat. Come on, even First Avenue has vaccine restrictions. They can’t be on bigger buildings, stadiums? Hell, even Garth Brooks has stopped selling tickets to stadium shows in the future. Can’t we get a CONSENSUS?

No, because no one wants to lead, no one wants to sacrifice, they want someone else to move first. This is how we got into this hellhole to begin with. You kept thinking someone else would do the job. You can waste water and energy because someone else is conserving, the problem is just too big for one person, and if you violate the rule, so what. You can still get an abortion, so who cares if someone else can’t.

And then it finally happens to you. And you change your mind. Dick Cheney supports gay marriage because he’s got a gay daughter. Everybody has a gay person in their family, EVERYBODY! And if you don’t think so, that just means the person is too scared to come out of the closet.

But if we wait until everybody has a family member die of Covid…it’ll be way too late.

We keep waiting for something to change with the unvaccinated. WRONG! It’s the vaccinated who have to change their approach.


It’s not even a war of information. You can’t beat the online disinformation establishment. That’s the story of the past ten years, the world is run by social media, not elected officials. And you wonder why they have bans on or control of social media in authoritarian countries?

Just lead.

AEG is first. Who else is gonna get in line?

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