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Legendary Danish Venue Tobakken Files For Bankruptcy

Legendary Danish Venue Tobakken Files For Bankruptcy

Tobakken Concert Hall
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ESBJERG, DENMARK (VIP-BOOKING) – The recent history of the Esbjerg music venue Tobakken has been extremely turbulent, from a remarkable report by consultant Ronnie Hansen to the dismissal and police report of former manager Jan Mols to suspicion of possible cartel formation with other music venues.

And today, the board has filed for bankruptcy as the Esbjerg Municipality decided not to grant Tobakken an additional DKK 5.8 million requested to make it through 2023.

Esbjerg Mayor Jesper Frost Rasmussen stated in a press release to Ritzau, “We had all hoped that Tobakken would overcome its challenges, but now we have reached a turning point where we, from a political standpoint, agree that the best solution is not to provide Tobakken with more money. It hurts us to make this decision, as we believe in a future for a rhythmic music venue in Esbjerg, but it must be in an economically sustainable model, and it opens up a new and fresh start.”

The press release goes on to say that the chairman of the Culture and Leisure Committee, Jakob Lose, is also saddened by the development and commends Tobakken`s employees, who have fought hard to keep the venue running in recent months.

“We still have great confidence in the music scene in Esbjerg, and of course, we must also have a strong rhythmic music venue in the future, which will host both established artists and the entire growth layer. The way forward is to create a new strong organization that can safely lead a new rhythmic music venue into the future. We now need to take the time to figure out how to do this best,” says Jakob Lose.

Peter Amstrup, chairman of the board for Tobakken, stated that he understands why the municipality has pulled the plug and confirms the bankruptcy filing. “It is a sad day, and one could hope that someone would see the potential in Tobakken and start a new music venue. But now it is the trustee who takes over. The losses have simply been too great to financially and morally sustain Tobakken.”

With a capacity of 1200 spectators “Tobakken” in Esbjerg is one of Denmark’s largest indoor concert venues. The buildings were constructed in 1896 and expanded in 1910, 1914 and 1925. The development started as a tobacco factory and was an important work place for the local community and holds a great part of Esbjerg’s history.

In 1986 when the educational institutes relocated to other premises and the buildings became an Activity House. Workshops was established, conference rooms, theatre and musichall with seating for 200 spectators, rehearsal rooms for drama school and rock bands. Also a café was opened within the premises.

In the next phase the courtyard between the buildings was covered, to allow the venue to host concerts during the winter months. The new venue was inaugurated on the 7th of December 1993. April 1994 the private foundation “Multihus Tobaksfabrikken” was established, and in 2001 the venue changed to its present name “Tobakken”.

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