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4 Dirty Little Secrets Of Music 2.0

SHHHH… (Hypebot) –
Sorry to tell you this, but…

1. BIG CHECK BOOKS STILL TRUMP BIG IDEAS – Just ask any music start-up. You'd think that the major labels would embrace every great idea they could find to help save their struggling businesses. Nope. Labels are inundated with so many "great ideas" and are so desperate to help their bottom lines, that the only ideas they take seriously are attached to fat checkbooks.

2. EVERY TIME MUSIC IS LICENSED TO AN AD SUPPORTED MUSIC 2.0 SERVICE THEY'RE PROBABLY BREAKING A CONTRACT – How many record label or publishing contracts do you know that say "Its OK to pay me a tiny fraction of projected ad revenue every time my song is played or downloaded"?

3. YOU CAN'T DO IT YOURSELF – There are not enough hours in the day to return emails from all of you Facebook friends, update your dates on Eventful, post new photos on Flickr, edit the expletives out of that backstage video before posting it on YouTube and still find the time to write songs, record them and then play them live. It takes a village to raise a child. It take a team to build a career. Start building one today.


Little has changed. Indie music still has almost no chance of making it onto commercial radio. Radio programmers are too often sheep playing fewer and fewer new records. And the vast majority still come from their pals at the majors.