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AADC Listen As Aspen Teens Talk

The Aspen Artist Development Conference, held in Aspen, CO last December, produced an interesting focus group with students from, Aspen High School. Seven kids, aged 15-18, gave their views on record buying and downloading music habits with some interesting results, albeit a small, not so random poll of friends.

The following is excerpted from the Tour Together newsletter about the exchange:

1) Young people don't care who tells them that downloading for free is wrong. It is how they discover music now. It is good to know that all seven of our students had a real problem with anyone that makes compilation CDs and sells them. It is a free society out there.

2) Students don't buy CDs often. The number one reason: TOO EXPENSIVE.

3) Downloading does encourage CD sales.

4) Most of the students download music and make compilations to give to their friends.

5) All of the students on our panel said that one of the biggest influences on what music they listened to was their parents (that floored everyone). And, almost all of their parents download music as well.

6) Artwork and packaging means very little to them, at least in terms of a purchase decision. They do like to look at the pictures and lyrics in the CD booklet (which labels want to charge the artist for).

7) Our students believe that $12-$15 is a fair price for a CD.

8) When asked if they would pay to download music for a flat-fee subscription service, our entire panel said yes. Record Labels are you listening? Oh, by the way, the fair price for the monthly subscription, according to our panel, is $20.