DTE Energy Music Theatre Implements New Parking Policy

DTE Energy Music Theatre in Auburn Hills, Ill., formerly Pine Knob Amphitheatre, is implementing a new parking fee procedure that eliminates the need for parking attendants.

Beginning with the season's first concert on-sale, Feb. 24, for Bon Jovi's July 15 show, every concert ticket price will now include a $3 parking fee.

"More than half of the outdoor venues in the country located in areas with traffic concerns have adopted this parking policy and have enjoyed nearly hassle-free ingress for their shows," said Rick Franks, regional director of SFX Music.

"By including the parking fee with the ticket price for a show, the facility actually benefits less, due to the way concert grosses are arranged through artists. The benefit goes to the concert-goer, who will be inconvenienced far less with slowdowns and tie-ups on the way to the venue," he added.

Tom Wilson, president of Palace Sports and Entertainment agrees: "Including the parking in the ticket price is a solution which has proven to be effective for a number of outdoor amphitheatres."