Marketing Your Music By Liveblogging At Reddit Live

NEW YORK (Hypebot) – After a short beta run, Reddit made their new liveblogging feature available to all this week. Reddit Live allows you to liveblog an event with a separate page for comments. The resulting thread, with embedded pics, videos "and more", becomes an archive and you can submit that to subreddits. It's a very Reddit kind of thing with threads ranging from "Israel-Palestine Conflict" to "I'm about to make a sandwich. Follow this thread for live updates." Somehow I feel that range opens up the possibility of some creative music marketing campaigns.

Reddit is a world of its own with a set of customs and rules about which one must educate oneself or all is doomed.

Dave Grohl discovered what happens when you step out of line. Check out his tale for more on the culture of Reddit.

Once acculturated, with a clear understanding that anything that remotely resembles spam or advertising will be attacked, consider what you can do with the fairly simple and straightforward liveblogging tool Reddit Live.

To discover what other people are doing for ideas, check out r/live, a subreddit where you can post a link to your thread.

While there are some serious topics, a lighter tone seems to be taking the day. The range suggests that liveblogging an event can take a very broad notion of what an event might be from making a sandwich to investigating the death of a bird.

To me this suggests possibilities for liveblogging non-musical activity that connects to your life as a musician.

Here's an example:

You could liveblog going out to get the right piece of gear or clothing item for your upcoming tour. And since you can link to photos, you can do it all through your phone and take pics as part of the liveblogging process.

You could also then be sending the pics out to your social media accounts with a link to the liveblog as it's happening.

In the process you're promoting your upcoming tour while also connecting with new people and creating more content for those you already know.

How would you market music with Reddit Live?