SL Feldman And Kaozz Entertainment Enter Into An Alliance

(CelebrityAccess News Service) – SL Feldman & Associates (SLFA) has entered into an alliance with Kaozz Entertainment Network, a business unit of CanOnline Global Media, Inc. (CGMI)

Kaozz offers a secure digital distribution service and the requisite technology and tools for major music artists and record labels to set up their own digital storefronts and to monetize P2P file sharing. Kaozz provides unique encryption technologies, flexible e-commerce solutions, legal file-sharing and media delivery in an exceptional graphical user environment unlike anything else on the Internet.

Kaozz utilizes patent-pending technology developed by CGMI — the SPI media security format and NS8 Nonresident Software platform — that prevents unlicensed distribution and enables the fluid delivery of digital content.

"It is a turbulent time for the music industry," said Sam Feldman, CEO of SLFA. "Once I saw Kaozz I felt it was important to enable our company to offer this cutting-edge technology to our roster. This will provide unique opportunities for our clients to distribute their music online in a secure environment."

"After many years of developing our technologies, we are very excited to be in the position to offer Kaozz to some of the world's top talent," said Peter Hogendoorn, CEO of NS8 Corporation. "SLFA and Kaozz will be working closely together to offer unique solutions for content owners, distribution channels and artists across the entertainment industry. The beauty of Kaozz is that it allows the secure distribution of copyrighted content — music, movies, software — to be as simple, engaging and accessible as our television experience."

Adds Robin Esrock, director of Kaozz Entertainment Network, "We are undergoing a carrier shift, which traditionally presents enormous potential for the music industry. Kaozz allows artists and content owners to take control of their art in this P2P digital age and to monetize it. Finally, the artist gets paid." –Bob Grossweiner and Jane Cohen