ZeltFestival Gets Another Chance

KONSTANZ (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — When ZMF Trägervereins, a German company that had been responsible for putting on the Zelt Festival, (Zelt is German for tent) went insolvent, it seemed like it might be over for the 24 year-old music festival.

Fortunately for festival fans, there may be a reprieve. The Freiberg press is reporting that Koko Entertainment is creating a company to continue Zeft.

Alexander Heisler, Andreas Schnitzler, Dieter Pfaff and Alexander Hanusch of Koko, along with some of the Zeft partners are hoping to revive the fiancial viability of the festival.

The dates for the 2007 installment of the festival have been announced. It is scheduled to take place from June 27 – July 8. The festival will feature a main stage, a smaller stage, a large beer garden and a wide range of food. – CelebrityAccess Staff Writers