DJ Kaleb Freitas Killed In Stage Collapse At Atmosphere Festival
DJ Kaleb Freitas' Facebook Portrait:

DJ Kaleb Freitas Killed In Stage Collapse At Atmosphere Festival

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ESTEIO, Brazil (CelebrityAccess) – As NPR reports DJ Kaleb Freitas was killed in a stage collapse on Sunday. The Brazilian dj was in the midst of a performance at the Atmosphere Festival in Esteio, Brazil. Harsh winds were blowing and the stage scaffolding came apart and collapsed leading to the death of the dj and the injury of additional attendees.

Freitas’ fans have been taking to Facebook to share their memories of the day and the dj including many of the 5000 that attended the festival. Videos of the stage collapse are also appearing on social media. The video below from YouTube documents the disturbing event that led to the loss of DJ Kaleb Freitas.

“Atmosphere Festival Brazil Disaster – Stage Collapse” is reporting that an investigation is being launched into the accident and that authorities have already clarified that the Atmosphere Festival’s permits and paperwork were in order.

A local civil defence coordinator stated:”The forecast for Sunday afternoon was gale-force winds, and torrential rain.”

The commander of the local fire brigade also pointed out that the show was staged in an open area that exposed it to the overpowering wind.

DJ Kaleb Freitas was 30 years old when he passed.

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