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Product Launch Party - Ideas and Mistakes You Must Avoid

Product Launch Party – Ideas and Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Under the right conditions, nothing can beat an excellent product launch party. You get to present what the company has to offer in a more informal and relaxed way. Not to mention that everyone gets to have fun.

There are some product launch party ideas, however, that do more harm than good. If you want the launch party to succeed both as a corporate event and a social gathering, avoid these mistakes:

Complicating Things for Your Guests

It can be hard to coordinate a large group of people at the same time and place. Add other factors like people coming from out of state or the weather and planning becomes even harder.

If you complicate the event further by changing dates or venues, you’re hurting the party. Every guest needs to know well in advance everything there is to know about the event.

Make it easy for people to attend. The less extra steps, the better. Otherwise, fewer guest will come and those who do will be irritated.

Choosing an Irrelevant or Weird Theme

Theme parties have been around for ages and loads of people enjoy them. A good theme can do wonders for your event, but a bad one can completely deflate it.

To make sure that a theme works well, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are the attendees interested in the theme or do they at least know it?
  • Is it relevant or related to your company?
  • Is it relevant or related to the new product?
  • Are there enough resources to commit to the theme?
  • Will it make the product launch party better?

Ideally, the theme you choose should warrant a positive answer from all of those questions. If not, you may want to reconsider. You should apply this kind of test to all your product launch party ideas.

Another common mistake is picking a theme but not really doing anything with it. Hanging a Jolly Roger on a wall at the venue does not make it a pirate-themed party. It’s just weird for guests.

It’s better to go all out. You’ll make the party and the product memorable this way. If you’re not going to take the theme seriously, just don’t have one.

Choosing the Wrong Kind of Entertainment

There’s no such thing as a party without entertainment. Come up with a few product launch party ideas to get the ball rolling. The high point of the day, however, should be a professional entertainer.

Some companies make the mistake of booking the first artist they find and calling it a day. That can undo a lot of good product launch party ideas. You need to choose wisely. Look for someone who can highlight the advantages and features of your product.

We recommend a corporate comedian who works clean. No one is better prepared to entertain guest as well as manage to put your company in the spotlight.

Whichever entertainer you choose, show them the product beforehand. This way, they will have time to incorporate its description into the act and make a bigger impact. They may find some genius product launch party ideas for you.

How to Tell Which Product Launch Party Ideas Are Bad

We’ve outlined three common mistakes, but there are a lot of other, smaller, blunders out there. If you want to make sure the party is perfect, you have to consider every idea carefully.

In essence, if the idea doesn’t make the guest happier or the product more prominent, it’s not useful. Those are your two primary goals and everything should revolve around them. Keep them in mind during the planning phase and you’ll do fine.

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