Ozzy Meets Mac Sabbath; Apocalypse Arrives

Ozzy Meets Mac Sabbath; Apocalypse Arrives

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LOS ANGELES (CelebrityAccess) In some clandestine meeting that is now finally coming to light, Ozzy Osbourne became an audience member at a Mac Sabbath show.

Ozzy plus son Jack Osbourne and Jack’s daughter all attended the performance by one of the best Black Sabbath-Meets-Ronald Macdonald tribute bands on the planet.  Dubbed L.A.’s “Best Tribute Band” by LA Weekly, Mac Sabbath shows are filled with bouncing burgers, smoking grills and beefy clowns.

Behold, the quote from Mac Sabbath frontman Ronald Osbourne to Rolling Stone: “Being Ronald Osbourne, the front-clown for Mac Sabbath, isn’t easy. I have to meet all these fry-by-night ‘Drive-through metal’ icons like Burger King Diamond, Cinnibon Jovi and KFCC DeVille, look them in the eye and pretend like my indigestion is not acting up. Today is quite different. Today I met Ozzy Freaking Osbourne. Some big clown shoes to fill.”


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