R. Kelly
R. Kelly (Chicago Police Dept.)

Lawyers: R. Kelly Suffered “Significant” Injuries In August Attack

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CHICAGO (CelebrityAccess) — Attorneys for embattled R&B artist R. Kelly claimed that their client suffered “significant physical and psychological injuries” at the hands of a fellow inmate during an attack in late August.

In a new court filing, attorneys for Kelly allege that employees at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, where Kelly is being while, did little to help Kelly as he was being beaten in Late August.

According to CNN, a Bureau of Prisons report says a prison employee ordered Kelly’s alleged attacker to stop and then deployed pepper spray to break up the fight.

Kelly’s attorney claims that Kelly’s attacker was able to roam the jail complex before carrying out the attack, CNN reported.

“An unresolved issue remains as to whether MCC personnel encouraged, and then allowed, a beating of Mr. Kelly to take place,” wrote Michael Leonard, a lawyer for R. Kelly. “That alone merits an evidentiary hearing.”

As a result of the attack, Kelly’s attorneys claim he suffered significant physical and emotional injuries.

Kelly is currently facing federal charges in in Illinois for child pornography and conspiracy to obstruct justice, as well as state charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

He’s also facing federal charges in New York, where he stands accused of racketeering and violations of the Mann Act, which outlaws trafficking across state lines for prostitution.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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