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Vaccine Requirements Work

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“‘No evidence’ Lollapalooza was a super spreader event, Chicago official says”:

Now the truth is the aftermath of Lollapalooza is not infection-free, but it was not a superspreader event. What does this tell us? VACCINE REQUIREMENTS WORK!

The most impactful statement on vaccines was uttered by Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose words have gone viral:

You should click through and read his statement. He’s talking about listening to experts. Furthermore, today he called those not vaccinated “schmucks,” and told them if they did not get the shot they needed to quarantine.

This is the exact opposite of what all the pollsters and social scientists have told us, which is to respect the unvaccinated, talk to them nicely, and then…maybe they will get the shot. BUT THEY HAVEN’T!

Even better is yesterday’s story in the “Atlantic” by Dr. Chavi Eve Karkowsky:

“Vaccine Refusers Risk Compassion Fatigue – After the horrors that health-care workers have endured during the pandemic, many are struggling to sympathize with people who won’t protect themselves.”:

This is the money quote:

“‘What makes me the maddest,’ one of my doctor friends told me, ‘is that these people will reject science right until the second they need everything I have to keep them alive, and then they feel that they can come to our door and be entitled to that help and that hard work.'”

Bottom line… If you’re not vaccinated, you can’t come to the show.

The noose is tightening ever so slowly.

Today, AEG announced that starting on October 1st, there will be vaccine requirements at their clubs and theatres.

Live Nation has vaccine requirements starting October 4th. They can’t do it sooner because they need to assure all staff is vaccinated, they’ve got a ton of venues playing shows right now, especially their amphitheatres. They’ve also got a vaccine requirement at Bonnaroo, in Tennessee, where the vaccine rate is just 35%.

But the truth is both AEG and Live Nation are hampered by the states, putting up barriers to them insisting all shows have vaccine requirements.

Yes, the state refuses to keep you safe. In Florida, where Covid infections are breaking records. And Texas too. The governors there are afraid of angering their ignorant subjects. The tail is wagging the dog. You expect the government to keep you safe, isn’t that why we spend all that money on defense? Ironically, these are the same states that insist we increase the defense budget. But when it comes to saving the folks at home…YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN!

And the truth is those refusing to get the vaccine are living in news bubbles filled with misinformation. I hear from them every day. I’d print their e-mails with their inanities, how Covid is just the flu and the vaccine doesn’t work and who is going to take care of all those killed by the vaccine (citing an outrageous, fake high number) and masks do no good. The question is, how do you reach them?

Well, Arnold speaking truth is one way. As for the doctor in the “Atlantic”? She’s preaching to the converted. Want to change people’s minds? You’ve got to infiltrate their news outlets, especially online, which is what Russia and China are doing every damn day as the social media giants rake in the cash and refuse to be throttled. Facebook is even disallowing outside study of its data, talk about a rogue state, why don’t we get the Defense Department to attack them?

But really, we’ve lost the information war. Hell, the country is convinced California is a land of economic ruin that everybody is leaving when the truth is California’s economy is booming and the net loss of residents is extremely low. But, people hate California, so it feels right to say the state is floundering, just like it feels right to say that vaccine and mask rules don’t work and are hindering your freedom.

What we need is all venues and all performers to institute vaccine requirements, immediately, or as soon as possible. As for the states that disallow this, refuse to play there, cancel dates, book around them. What a state hates most is economic consequences, especially highly visible ones. People may not need music like food and water, but it’s high up on their list.

But it gets even worse. The truth is, you can have a breakthrough infection and die. Odds are not high, but it happens. Check out the data here: So the unvaccinated are taking a toll on the rest of us, you don’t have the freedom to negatively impact the populace, maybe these anti-vaxxers need to be prosecuted criminally.

Well, that would require legislation, and politicians, especially on the national level, are afraid of their constituents, they won’t take any action that might piss people off. I thought we elected officials because they were informed and dedicated and would make the hard choices and lead. Instead, they’re amateurs beholden to pollsters trying to appease their constituents by speaking their own thoughts back to them. This would be like a schoolteacher agreeing you could have nap time instead of studying math. I mean what would be the consequences?

So, the truth is the Covid-spreading effects of last year’s Sturgis rally weren’t clear until months thereafter. So I’ll wait and see the final Lollapalooza numbers, but at this point they’re much better than anticipated. Yet we still have no data on indoor shows.

And listening to Doctor Radio on SiriusXM just an hour ago, an MD was remarking how well masks worked, that we saw no evidence of so many illnesses when people were wearing them.

And you can’t vaccinate the under twelve set. Not yet, anyway.

But they’re not the big concertgoers.

AEG and Live Nation are now leading. As is Jason Isbell. Who is insisting on vaccine requirements at every show and just canceled a gig in Texas because the venue would not comply. Even better, Isbell is doing god’s work, going on Twitter and interacting with the naysayers. Then again, will it make any difference? Only if the rest of the acts have a backbone and agree to this too!

Oh, they’ll sign a #MeToo or Black Lives Matter petition/advertisement and then do nothing. But when it comes to putting their own livelihoods on the line? Crickets. These acts need to be shamed.

And the way you get kids to behave is to take away their toys.

Take away people’s shows. Let them kick and cry. But then they’ll comply.

P.S. It’s also about consumer confidence. Concertgoers, especially older ones, need to be convinced the show is safe, otherwise they won’t go, irrelevant of the facts/truth. Only when they are confronted with the data everywhere will they show up. This will only happen when all gigs have vaccination requirements and safety can be evidenced and assured.

Responses from Bob’s readers. Please note, these comments are not edited for grammar or content.


Bob, on this one, you are wrong.  And time will be the judge.

Adam Libman


Two big universities in Canada just initiated mandatory vaccination for staff faculty and students. FLA lost the case against cruise ships mandating vaccinated people only.

Jake Gold


Stick to music.   You’re misinformed Bobby.

Davide Ficociello


They do.

Watch your readers respond with “fuck vaccines, you’re a moron, Bob!”

Fuckin’ selfish-ass morons in this country…………………………..

Christina Applegate gets MS, but Trump still walks around eating “hamberders”, raping women, like Kavanaugh and Gaetz with teenage girls.

Awesome, ain’t it?



I love Jason Isbell what he’s doing and I hope it works as a deterrent to keep the unvaccinated at home but in my experience the venues are really half assing  it. I just went to two of his three shows in Austin and they only gave a cursory glance at your vax card. 50 people in a row could’ve shown them the same image on their phones and they wouldn’t know it. And I’d say a good half of the people inside were ignoring the request to wear masks… the venue wasn’t even requiring it of their own staff. I didn’t see a single bartender wearing a mask. That seemed pretty shitty of them to be honest.

You ‘re dead on though, it would be cool to see more artists have the spine that Jason has.

Jeff Neely


Are we talking the Trump or the Biden vaccine? I’ve heard one is good while the other is bad.

Paul Babb


Bet you won’t see a Lollapalooza-like headline coming out of Sturgis, SD in the next few weeks.

Dave Svikhart


I agree with you and I am double vaccinated too.
My question is, with people selling “fake” vaccination cards for upwards of $200 or more, how will these promoters do anything but look at possibly a fake card and let non vaccinated people walk right in when they show their “card”?
Jon Scott


Since so many of the unvaccinated are on the Right, let’s speak to them in their own language:

A) They can’t possibly be Patriots because they either trust something that escaped from a Chinese lab, or something that grew inside a Chinese bat (pick your conspiracy theory) over a US-made vaccine

B) They are allowing the US to turn into a welfare state as so many now rely on Big Government to pay us unemployment…because they’re destroying our economy and we’re all losing our jobs

C) They are supporting Socialized Medicine… the dreaded Big Government is paying the difference between what their insurance (if they have it) will cover and what the hospital bills total AND Big Government is paying up to $7k towards funeral expenses for those who die of COVID.

So, to sum it up (in their terms), they are Chinese-loving Socialist Welfare Queens hell-bent on destroying the US economy

Jesse Lundy
Point Entertainment


I don’t remember the Feds being wimpy about seatbelts or allowing individual states the right to comply or not. C’mon Biden, Man up!
George Johns.


What’s the one segment of the concert experience NOT listed in the AEG vaccine policy?
ARTISTS – they’re either afraid to confront the acts, or don’t want to cancel shows on tours where the performers are adamant anti-vax – and they have a few.
So, it’s okay if the fully vaxxed stagehands get COVID from the guitar player……………..

Steven L


This has fast become BIGGOT corner. Absolutely no reason to vaccinate against a virus with a mortality rate of less than  1%
WHO, Fauci, (funny how when I type fauci’s name it’s underlined but not offering a correction?) WTF, Gates, fucking serious?
This new variant?
Gates warned us of the potential for an out break?

Of course he did he was working on a synthetic vaccination which was illegal micro biology research for a very good reason, it was dangerous.
Wikipedia has since re- defined vaccination, the PCR machine was NEVER designed to detect a virus as explicitly stated by it’s inventor and NOBEL laureate, Kerry Mullis.
Death certificates are now regulated to reinterpret cause of death.

No one in their right mind would trust government policy over their own logic, if they had any.
Most people follow, as far back as Plato, Socrates.

I cannot believe what I have been reading from this miss informed group of conformists.

Grow some strength, probably too late.

All of your “wisdom” will lead us directly into the slaughterhouse, as if we haven’t enough history to shine the light on such perverse illogic.

Al Oliver


My list of bands willing to die to see.

Let’s be honest, as you get older, you get pickier.  I want decent sightlines, enough clean washrooms, no yahoos screaming beside me, sitting more than standing for the show, and above all, to be safe.

Hate to admit it, but Vegas residencies tick more boxes than pretty much anywhere else.
Peter Burnside


ABOUT F@*^#ING TIME! Every decision has consequences, no vaccine, no show, stay home! My industry of artists/managers/agents/promoters/music venues/touring staff etc.. has been financially decimated over the last 18 months and we are finally speaking up. At one time artists used to effectuate change, maybe the tide is finally changing.

There is a huge class of working professional tour personnel that have been home trying to pay their mortgage and feed their families and a simple safe, effective and FREE vaccine would put all those people back to work. That does not include everyone that works in the venues and arenas, these are not wealthy people, just hard working people who love the arts and do their best to make sure that the same selfish people who are not vaccinated have an enjoyable experience seeing their favorite artists.

NO VACCINE, NO MUSIC, STAY HOME! Impossible to argue with stupid!



Scott Welch Management


“Take away people’s shows. Let them kick and cry. But then they’ll comply.”

THIS. 100%

Want to join us cool kids that get to go to the show? Get the damn shot. It’s FREE.

I’m done respecting their choice.

Sarah Martin


Lol Bob,

In Florida we are not “breaking records.” The CDC had to revise downward their numbers by a third.

You are Fake News.

Thomas Kenny
Vero Beach, FL

Note: From the “Palm Beach Post”: “Cases, hospitalizations, kids: Florida still setting COVID records – COVID in Florida updates”

“Florida sets COVID hospitalization records again, including highest in nation for children
Florida ranks number one nationally in both total weekly cases and deaths, representing 22% and 25% of the national total, respectively, according to Johns Hopkins University’s COVID-19 update Tuesday.
Florida is also leading the nation in per capita weekly cases with 733 new cases per 100,000 population, 3.5 times the national average of 205, according to Johns Hopkins.
Florida has the worst rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations for inpatient beds, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the only state with 25% or more inpatient beds assigned to COVID patients. Florida also has the highest hospitalization rates for children up to 19, according to the CovKid Project.”


Prosecute them criminally?

Heck why don’t we just ship these flagrant little weasels away on the trains. You’d love that, I’m sure.

Ryan Hartigan

Note: “Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The Court’s decision articulated the view that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state.”:


I’m sorry but if you are not aware that every kid under 18 year old either has a fake vaccine card, or fake negative result card, then you didn’t live through the 70s and 80s (and even today) when every kid had a fake ID.
It’s a cottage industry.
Get with the times man (in the voice of Cheech)
Scott London


I wonder if the vaccination requirement extends to sporting events as well. That would mean Staples, Chase Center up north and so forth. I could see that moving the needle for some in terms of needing to be vaxxed to go to a sporting event.

Paul Kersh


Agree completely that patience is wearing thin with the anti-vaccers. Local school  jurisdictions in Texas and Florida are openly defying their governors as are the doctors who must live with the consequences of those governors’ fatally flawed political posturing.

Also agree it will be a long time before this older citizen attends any fully seated venue be it a Broadway theater or the local venues that sponsor speakers and concerts. The risk is simply not worth it even being fully vaccinated and wearing a mask.

George Laugelli


Fuck the un-vaccinated!  No
Vax.  No access. Anywhere.

Mike Donahue


Thanks again for this, but I’m confused. Over the last year and a half, we’ve been told covid symptoms can show up after a 14 day period (hence the 14 day quarantine rules). Therefore, isn’t it pre-mature to make this announcement until after the 14 day mark? Since the last day of Lollapalooza was August 1st, shouldn’t we be waiting until August 15th?  I don’t mean to be a pessimist, and praying it wasn’t a superspreader event but I want to see what happens after the 14 day mark, and I still think if we want to play it super super safe, it might be helpful if everyone did a negative covid test before the events. I don’t know.

Amy Rivard


Did you see Dead & Co. just announced vax/test tour requirements (for most shows anyway with additional details to follow)?…Kudos to them for doing so in advance, unlike other big names who shall remain nameless!?!?!

Doug Collette


Bob, you’ve got it wrong about Texas and Florida.

Those guys are both playing to run in 2024 either on the VP ticket with Trump or instead of him. They are playing to the rest of America, to the Trump fans.

They don’t give a damn about what happens other than that. It’s not just their ignorant subjects. They figure that everyone will forget the deaths and suffering by 2024. And, knowing the American people, they will.

John Parikhal


Thank you for your letters. Thought you would appreciate the above.  Similar to what Schwarzenegger is saying.

Kevin Keegan


We need to change terminology. We need to stop saying “breakthrough” because the vaccines work and they work really well and they work the way they were designed.  The breakthrough term insinuates the vaccines don’t work and they increase hesitancy and resistance to getting people to take the shot.

It’s not breaking through your defences. Was Never intended to prevent infection. Intent is to prevent severe illness and death. And it sure as hell is doing that. It’s goal is To train your body how to fight the infection and reduce your sickness.

Did you read the info about viral load being just as high in vaxed people as unvaxed? I bet you did. But did you know that that viral load decreases much faster in those with the shot than those without? Meaning you’re contagious for less time, meaning you spread it less, meaning get a fucking shot. You’ll most likely stay out of the hospital, most likely stay alive, and most likely spread less disease.

The CNN article today is good reading.

Ian Heath


Everyone needs to leave everyone alone on both sides. If you have a vaccine, mind your own business; if you don’t and you live or die, it’s your choice. “My Body My Choice”. Isn’t that the phrase or is that just an interchangeable, option when convenient?  If you have the vaccine why are you worried or doesn’t it work? it does get confusing?. I just heard a booster is needed? So wasn’t it ready when we got these shots? Is anyone curious? Maybe that’s why it’s only approved under the emergency status?  The Drummer in Offspring can’t tour because of the band he has a pre-existing condition. Seems the risk is on the drummer. He has Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) CDC says don’t get the vaccine if you have this issue. Pathetic.

Thank you for not printing my name.  To many hostile Browns shirts coming to life. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

Note: I would not print this anonymous email if not for the fact that the article he links to says EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE!
“Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS)
People who have previously had GBS may receive a COVID-19 vaccine. To date, no cases of GBS have been reported following vaccination in participants in the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. One case of GBS was reported in a vaccinated participant in the Johnson & Johnson Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine clinical trial (compared to one GBS case among those who received placebo). With few exceptions, the independent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) general best practice guidelines for immunization do not include a history of GBS as a precaution to vaccination with other vaccines.”


The one thing people like you will not address is why they asked to have no protections for vaccine injury

Think about that

You get your laser focused pen and tear apart an artist – but big Pharma makes billions and can’t set aside cash for injury

Listening to you blather on is no different then listening to righties on their moral high ground on all their issues

Same bull shit

You can’t hear the argument and you can’t understand it

Get injured – if you don’t know this to be true you are a fool

The numbers don’t matter
It’s the fact that we don’t help them at all

They changed that with this vaccine

My dads best friend got Gillian barre’ directly after vaccine – it has not gone away others have had to leave jobs and we don’t take care of their families

This should be a no-brainer to take care of them

If we did – hesitancy would not be this high

This is fact

Billy Zero
Dj Boy


They have no idea how many of the concert goers were vaccinated. It was an estimate. I would love to know how they arrived at that number when younger folks, who are concert goers, have the lowest vaccination level.
MLB games in cities that do not require proof of vaccines are not super spreader events either. How is that happening? Divine intervention?
Last, Arnold is irrelevant. We are stuck at a 50/50 impasse.

The CDC and Emperor Fauci has lost credibility with one half of our country because of their inept and inconsistent messaging. We don’t trust them.

Dennis Paulik

Note: I can find no follow-up study re infection rates after the Nashville event. If one was done, the results have not been publicly published.


Again, not a word about the 1.5 million covid recovered (according to CDC numbers) who have natural immunity. Cleveland Clinic study found no benefit in the vax for the covid recovered, only potential risk of an adverse event. Israeli study showed the vax’d had 6x the reinfection rate of the unvax’d covid recovered. Any calculation or estimate of population immunity that doesn’t factor in a group that comprises nearly half the country is intellectually dishonest.

Michael Gregory

Note: “A new reportTrusted Source from the U.S. Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that those who do not get vaccinated after the illness are nearly two and half times more likely to develop COVID-19 again.
The latest research reaches the opposite conclusion of a pre-print study the Cleveland Clinic released in July.”:


Don’t you claim to be rational & logical guy? There is NO logic or rational in vaccine requirements without ALSO recognizing natural immunity acquired from infection and recovery.

The push to discount and ignore natural immunity (which is proving to be better than vaccine induced antibodies) is illogical and unscientific. People with natural antibodies should be treated no different from people with vaccine created antibodies. It is as discriminatory as is race discrimination.



Thanks for writing this. And the link to “Vaccine Refusers Risk Compassion Fatigue”. Why should they risk their lives and their families when the non vaccinated imbeciles are transmission lines. Joel Sill


Nonsense, Eric Clapton is God and Eric and Van say otherwise.



1.  Can’t legislate against stupidity

2.  Check out the staggering growth in the market for fake vax proof

3.that horse has already left the barn

4.  The anti vaxxers are not restricted to a geographical area, a political persuasion, an age group cohort, or a gender based thought

5.  The sick unvaxxed are taking up hospital beds, emergency room space causing a stop to  hospital visitations and to non emergency surgery and using a disproportionate amount of resources

6.  Any focus on masks is a diversion and also besides the point

7.  Peer pressure, shame pressure, ostracism and physical quarantine

David Kessler


This could not have come at a more apropos time.  Orange County venues (Segerstrom, Soka Performing Arts Center, Musco Center, the Irvine Barclay) are having this tough discussion as we speak, and we plan on coming out with a unified policy on vaccine requirements and masking for our venues.  My position here at Soka Performing Arts Center is that all patrons and artists be required to show proof of vaccine or negative COVID test within 48 hours, and remain masked indoors. It is an absolute necessity.

Yes, the reasons to require vaccinations for entry are vast. We can all name them. Yes, major venues across the nation are  joining the vaccine proof for entry, including Broadway. Major artists also have  announced that they will not play venues where there is not a vaccine requirement for entry, and more are following suit daily. We have donors who are requiring it for the concerts they sponsor.

But beyond all that, it is simply the right thing to do. Vaccine compliance is the one thing that will ultimately get our country back on the right path (greater than 90% vaccinated), and is a primary way to help our global world right now.

There were two words in your email that struck me the most. “Just lead”. You are 100% correct. It is up to us, the venue directors, to LEAD, and not be afraid or wishy washy or wait to see what others are going to do. Do the right thing. No excuses, no polls. Just lead.

Thank you, Bob!

Renee Bodie
General Manager, Soka Performing Arts Center


I have no problem with Vaxx’s BUT I DO have a problem with the government forcing me to put something in my body

Michael K. Clifford


More of this. Since logic, reason, and deference to doctors and other experts are apparently in short supply, the next logical step is making the price of refusing the vaccine higher and higher every day.

Brian Pearl


As I type this reply to you I’ve just been informed that Orleans Parish will be implementing a proof of vaccine/proof of negative test mandate this coming Monday.  A number of bars and restaurants implemented this policy weeks ago, as did a few venerable music venues–Tipitina’s, Maple Leaf Bar, and d.b.a.–and I’ve heard little outrage as of yet.  Some owners of the businesses affected by this mandate–namely bars and restaurants–do have a valid issue with their small business potentially losing business while the Superdome, for example, will most likely not have the same mandate for the upcoming Saints season.  The NFL could certainly use its profile to provide proper information and encourage people to get vaccinated, but recent history has shown that Roger Goodell rarely stands on the side of right (well, other than the alt-right).

Any of us with a little sense expected Jazz Fest to be canceled, and of course we’re bummed.  But it was the ballsy decision that needed to be made for the greater good, and I wish more organizations with a massive platform would grow a pair and make the good decisions.  Tucker Carlson, that slavering mouth breather, uses his platform every single goddamn day to spread misinformation, while organizations, performers, and athletes with a platform equally as big do nothing.

As far as Isbell goes, he’s smart as hell and not afraid to go toe-to-toe with foolish commentary and do god’s work.   And in so many ways he’s been converting the naysayers for years–maybe even you.

Todd Shelton


It’s amazing to me that with all of your music business experience, you see all of the manipulation, corruption and other BS in the music industry, but you are willfully blind to the same corruption and misinformation from Pharma and our complicit government and media. I have a lot of respect for you, but you should stick to what you know. We will regret vaccine passports.

Fred Fabro


I had breakfast today with a buddy who’s a Live Nation touring rep.  He’s starting a tour in a few days with a solid-selling artist, and he fully expects the tour to be shut down by late September.

Because … people are stupid.

Bob Davis
Retired Tour Accountant


Myocardial Infarction is REAL from these vaccines, Bob. Blood clots, organ inflammation and embolism.

But by all means, keep those blinders on, call them all kooks, dismiss all medical evidence from this UNapproved experimental substance, and keep screaming in the streets that they are “safe,” as if you know.


Note: From Wikipedia: America’s Frontline Doctors is an American right-wing political organization known for spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic.


It’s happening here in Canada with my own province Nova Scotia saying they will soon enact a vaccine passport to get into non-essential places. Quebec is doing it starting 1 September and I think many provinces will follow suit. I think the government is also working, with the willing provinces, on a nationwide vaccine passport as well. We opened our borders to the US this week but only to the fully vaccinated and you have to show proof.
I think as things open up and the unvaccinated can’t go to bars, restaurants, concerts and various recreational spots, I think you’ll see more get vaccinated. The hard core anti-vaxxers will probably head for the hills!!

Doug Gillis


Good points on getting people to take the vaccine. It’s great to see Jason Isbell taking a stand. I was on the fence about making a 2 hour drive to Richmond to catch his show in September, but after seeing his engagement on Twitter I bought tickets. I want to support what he’s doing.

Pat Byrne


Stop with the insults!   Why do liberals think they can just insult people into doing something!   The media and you have been wrong on Florida since the beginning..  we get it you are afraid DeSantis can win.. Look up state by state vax rates… if the media was to be believed you would expect to see Florida ranked near bottom…. But reality??  #24… doubtful CNN or MSDNC would report that!  I have a family friend who lives in the UAE where you either are vaccinated or under house arrest by order of the king.. and the Delta variant has been there getting people sick since April!  In a country where vax rate is near 100%.  So hmm..  maybe not demonizing the unvaccinated , or those that think the mask might make u feel safer but in reality do very little (just ask Biden’s old Covid advisor… CNN John King Show) Yes, I took the vaccine and believe it can keep you from dying and hopefully more will come to that realization.. But, insulting them and acting superior as you always tend to do, but I seriously doubt you would do  face to face is not the best approach here!  Maybe you should put as much effort into demanding your party in charge find out who the jackwagon scientists where that developed this crap in the Wuhan lab???  Paging Dr. Fauci!

Jim Ryan

Note: Yes, he is correct that Florida is #24 in vax rates, not that its rate is admirable. Florida is vaccinated at a 49.84% rate. #1 is Vermont at 68.3%. New Jersey, #7, has a 59.26 rate. Bottom line, it’s not simple. It has to do with unvaxxed concentrations. A state, like California, can have a high rate in the cities, but low in the country. Also, masks laws can ameliorate infections. So pure vax rate is not the definitive statement he says it is.


“Yes, the state refuses to keep you safe.”
Worse: the state prohibits others from keeping you safe.



203 people to date linked to the event with COVID.
Sounds like a lot to me.
Would you go Bob?



Hey Bob – I am a Lolla breakthrough Covid case, I’m a longtime attendee and industry pro. I was infected after 1.5 days at Lolla, never in too close of crowds, masking on and off, and spending some time backstage. My vaccine was JnJ – not sure if that has an impact. My son was with me, he had Pfizer, and has tested negative.

I don’t believe the city officials saying it’s all good. I’m out of state, I don’t count in the stats for the city or the festival. How many more are like me? I can’t taste a thing, and am spacy and nothing tastes right, and while my fever peaked at 101 and has since rescinded, I’m nervous about long-term effects. And I really hope I didn’t infect anyone else.


I caught Covid at an outdoor show in Nashville last week. So far, I have only very mild symptoms and mainly bored with quarantine. As a 63 year old, I am so thankful to have gotten protection. I credit it for keeping my symptoms in check. As for the replies stating “why worry about something with a 1% mortality rate?”, it is simple. If I were to have a heart attack or a car wreck today in Nashville, I would have a very difficult time getting help. All of the hospitals are overrun with Covid patients and it is escalating. That is the point that will come home to roost for all of those in denial. We can’t function as a society with a healthcare system in free fall. Not very hard to understand that.

Don VanCleave


Not taking into account the outliers, no one has died from a COVID vaccination—meanwhile nearly everyone who has died from COVID was unvaccinated.

Simple enough for ya?

Dave Dalzell


We have several shows coming up and it’s nice to hear that people like Live Nation are finally taking a stand against the bullshit. We’ll be playing House of Blues in Chicago, which is owned by LN. If they’re requiring the jabs by October 4th, that means we should feel safer. The fact is, ALL of these venues should be doing it. Just like we’ve been saying, you don’t want to get vaccinated? Fine. Don’t But then you lose the right to access cultural events, sports games, theater, movies, bars and more. Stick it to ’em

DJ-Vocalist, Shytown Band



Florida and Texas account for nearly 40% of new coronavirus hospitalizations:

Toby Mamis


I am amazed at how many dumb readers you have.

I thought people involved in the music and touring industry were smart and forward thinking.

– dave dresden


The Killers just announced a show before the big Central Park concert and they are demanding not only proof of vaccination but a negative antigen and or PCR test taken within 48 hours of the concert at Terminal 5. The government is seen by many as to divisive so let the corporations and the acts change the way this is seen. With luck the airlines will soon refuse to board the unvaccinated as they state their sole objective is safety.

Mark Sandelson


“Broadway superstar Laura Osnes fired from show for not being vaccinated”

Randy Kabrich


This edition of responses just does more to show how fucking stupid the American public is. When you start believing a talk show radio host over your doctor, you deserve what you get.

This virus is turning into a cull of the stupid. On the positive side, America’s average IQ may rise as long as not too many of you get long Covid. You know, the shit that never goes away and that they have now discovered in asymptomatic people?

How many people is 1% of America? Some of your idiot letter writers seem willing to sacrifice them over a childish fear or needles or egos that are bordering on evil.

Can you people not even look at other places where the public has gone out and been vaccinated and compare their success to your failure?



Bob, your audience really surprised me on this. I thought you had the direct line to the cognoscenti.

But the comments you received re: vaccination are surprising. Wow. A lotta seriously uneducated people who are anti vaccine and covid-is-a-myth fans. It’s like an exhibit of a dying species at the zoo.

What is going on culturally in our country that this is “cool”?

Ben Tyson


We’re completely fucked aren’t we? Goddamnit all.

Jake Foust


Did you tally up up the haters?
Hope they all get COVID and face the consequences.

And David Ficociellio should go fuck himself. Your world view and social commentary is insightful.

Josh Green


Love how when they attack you they minimize you by calling you “Bobby” or re-echo “fake news” or cite discredited source materials.
Preach Bob… They are desperate…
Keith Miller


Yup. 100%.

I work (well, workED I guess – transitioned to film, which btw in Toronto where I live has done a bang-up job keeping people safe – everyone tests all the time, masks are mandatory on set) in live events, have lots of friends who are servers, musicians, chefs – almost all of them were banging down doors to get vaccinated ASAP so things could “get back to normal”.

Only way we can have shows, bars, restaurants, movies again is if people can feel safe.

You need a license to drive. If you’re climbing beams, you need a harness & working at heights certification. If you want to mix & mingle in a time of a deadly pandemic, you need vaccine certification. No-brainer.

Big Al


All my female friends experienced menstrual changes after getting the vaccine. No one will study it. This NPR (!!!) article says at least 140,000 women reported changes, and that was months ago. If the vaccine caused widespread fertility issues for young women no one would know yet, and you’re crazy if you think anyone will ever take responsibility.

“Why Reports Of Menstrual Changes After COVID Vaccine Are Tough To Study”:

Serena Solin

Note: From the article itself: The Food and Drug Administration and all three manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use in the U.S. tell NPR that they have not seen evidence that any of the vaccines cause menstrual irregularities — let alone causing any health problems related to menstruation or fertility. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says it is aware of the reports, but that vaccination is highly recommended and that there is no reason to schedule vaccination around periods or other menstrual events.


Billy Bob Thornton and Boxmasters concert at City Winery in Atlanta last night. Vaccine Certificate required. No problems.

Willie Perkins



Stacy B


“The NorVa will require concertgoers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 starting Oct. 1”

Walter Fair


You ‘mericans…fast becoming a third world nation through the idiocy of opinion in the face of reality.

And we wonder how the Roman Empire fell? Just stay tuned, it’s happening in our lifetime!

Shaking my head.

C.J. Mann


Love the difference in grammar skills between the vaxx and anti-vaxx responses. 🙂

To the “my body my choice” people: You not getting the vaccine is the same as you choosing to drink and drive. Yeah, it’s your body and you’re deciding to take the risk…but you’re also endangering the lives of anyone you come in contact with. Sure, you might get lucky and get home safely, but you might kill someone or yourself.

You don’t see people fighting to protect one’s right to drink and drive!

(See the SCOTUS Jacobson case Bob linked to.)

-Sarah Martin


Not selfish, you ar e concerned, but I wish you’d for once quote me as follows

David in Louisiana wonders why vaccine producers are shielded by Federal law from liability from damages sustained by anyone taking one of their vaccines. If you have a good product, stand behind it


Note: “While the PREP Act declaration for COVID-19 countermeasures remains in effect, persons seriously injured by the administration of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by FDA through an EUA (such as the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the Moderna vaccine, or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) could seek compensation through CICP, not VICP. The available evidence indicates that adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines are rare, with serious (although treatable) allergic reactions occurring in approximately two to five people per million doses administered.”:


Wore a mask at an outdoor show last night, didn’t bother me. Looking forward to safer measures indoors. Because the vax cards/photos are too easy to fake, I still think we need a reliable digital pass with a constantly refreshing QR code like Ticketmaster uses – Live Nation had an opportunity to lead here. Total whiff.

Dave Conklin


True North Sports + Entertainment, which owns and operates the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets and their building, Canada Life Centre, announced Wednesday (Aug. 11) that it will sell to capacity but that all attendees at its events must show proof of vaccination (the province of Manitoba issues a card and unique digital ID – which must be scanned – only when you’re double-vaxxed).

AND all attendees at True North events must be masked when not eating or drinking; at least until we see what Delta looks like here and how the kids’ return to school affects infection rates.

We’re at 80% single-dosed, over 70% doubled.

John Kendle


The reason government is starting to mandate this is because too many assholes spend too much time on Google while sitting on “da throne”. Stick to science.


Fact is, the real tsunami is going to be the collapse of our healthcare system. All the anti-vaxers are getting sick and clogging up the hospitals. The system is overtaxed – major fatigue everywhere, and the main line doctors and nurses are running on fumes. So, heaven forbid anyone need immediate medical attention (strokes, heart attacks, accidents), hospitals are not able to handle them.

I say, no vaccine, no hospital. Suck it up to all the naysayers…

Simma Levine


I trust my immune system. Do you?

Alonzo Beas

Note: “‘Natural Immunity’ From Covid Is Not Safer Than a Vaccine:
“In a study of more than 3,000 people, ages 18 to 34, who were hospitalized for Covid, 20 percent required intensive care and 3 percent died.

‘It’s true that most people aren’t going to be hospitalized, most people aren’t going to get in the intensive care unit or die,’ said Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, who represents the American Academy of Pediatrics at the meetings of the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
But ‘nobody is immune to severe disease,’ she said. And even if people are not at high risk of Covid themselves, their friends or family could be.


I work in live performance as a designer of scenery and lighting, and I just want to thank you for this! The only way those of us who have been on the sidelines for 18 months have any chance of getting back to our lives, is through vaccine mandates. I’m so grateful to live and work in New York City, where we are rolling out mandatory vaccination in most public indoor spaces. The rest of the country should follow!

Kate McGee


“COVID strikes Folsom market attendees”:

Joel Messerer


Thank you for the mailbox session, it only confirmed for me how unintelligent and loathing the “everyone must be vaccinated” crowd is. I hope it has opened your eyes to how frightening this mindset is. We live in a time that is unbelievably scary and mainly due to the fact that a group of people have been able to grab and hold hostage the emotion of caring for others in the name of sacrificing liberty.

Brendan Smith


with incorrect data or facts. As I read through the bad info, I was about to explode but you caught most of them and did not let the bad info continue to cycle.

One did cause me to laugh. UAE at 100% vaccination rate and Delta still causing issues? Try 73.6%, which isn’t close to herd immunity with the Delta variant. And I could only wish current USA numbers were as good at UAE.

Randy Kabrich


Mandatory vaccines are coming. Because there way too many anti vaxxers out there. And because the virus isn’t going away until everyone is vaccinated.

So mandatory it is. It’s happening city by city, venue by venue and tour by tour. Like dominos.

Chip Latham


Read up on the S1 proteins in the vaccine you’ll regret getting the vaccine once you understand. I hope in the long run you and many are ok. There are thousands it didn’t work well for.

David May

Note: ” COVID-19 Vaccine-Generated Spike Protein is Safe, Contrary to Viral Claims”:


I’m sure you’ve seen this by now:

“Hugely Popular Anti-Vaxx Misinformation Website Is Just Some Lady in Piedmont”:

“Vaccine misinformation hotbed OpenVAERS is one of the leading sources of bad info about COVID vaccines on the internet, and an investigation finds that it’s run by some woman in the Oakland-surrounded suburb of Piedmont with too much time on her hands.

If you’ve ever argued with a Covidiot over vaccines, and whether they are the secret killer poison of some coming totalitarian regime, the Covidiot’s stream-of-consciousness word salad will likely cite that the vaccines have already killed thousands of people. That data comes from a professional looking, but thoroughly wackadoodle website called OpenVAERS, a site whose data will tell you the the COVID-19 vaccines have currently killed more than 12,000 people, hospitalized another 46,000, caused nearly 1,400 miscarriages, and gave another 7,500 people shingles.”

David Rubin


Fact check: Inventor of method used to test for COVID-19 didn’t say it can’t be used in virus detection:

Michael Lord


The factor that I cannot understand about why persons refuse to get themselves vaccinated is whether or not these persons fully understand how quickly, severely and mortally a COVID-19 infection will attack the respiratory system of a non-vaccinated subject.

The risks that might possibly come along with vaccination cannot remotely be compared to what might occur with the onset of a full blown COVID-19 case.

I am not old enough to have lived through Polio in the 1950s [I was born in November 1969], but in my life I have witnessed face to face instances of the bodily disabling of polio survivors and have read about the harrowing Polio casualty rates of years ago.

Look at the real truth here – if people in the 1950s had adopted attitudes towards the Salk Polio Vaccine and had boycotted it as is presently occurring regarding the COVID-19 vaccines in 2021, this country would have had a much much worse health crisis on it’s hands and would have reckoned with a much higher mortality of its populace.

COVID-19 is going to continue to reproduce with different strains and with different outcomes going into 2022

If we do not straighten the fuck up and fly right, if we do not start to lead and establish rules for concerts and other group events, and if we do not do so soon, the outcome will be a dire one.

Thanks as always,

Phil Klausner


Covid used to be a medical test…. It’s now an IQ test.

Neil Greenberg


Luv yer music related columns. Stay away from politics. You’re alienating your base!!!

Bart DaSilva


Bob, thanks for the viewpoint. Really happy that Wisconsin’s Summerfest is doing the right thing and requiring a vaccination card or a 72 hour clear Covid test to get in. Let’s agree on seeing music and get beyond this BS. F&$k everyone else.

James McMahon


Well Bob, there you have it. You say tomato, I say tomato. Meanwhile in sunny Florida we are using Servpro’s motto, “Like it never happened” let the memes begin!

B Chapin


SCOTUS looked at this a century ago, and said OF COURSE vaccine mandates are allowable.

“In every well-ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members, the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.”

-Justice John Marshall Harlan, Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905)

I find substituting the phrase DRUNK DRIVING for VACCINE HESITANCY shows how ridiculous the claims for FREEEEDUMB! are

Barry Ritholtz


Thanks Bob,

I know the mindset is different in the U.S. but here in the UK, we ran gov controlled experiments ( Events Research Programme: Phase I findings – GOV.UK ( with concerts and live sporting events where the attendants could only come if they could prove that the did not have the virus prior to entry using gov lab tests. Scientists managed the events and recorded the aftermath.

The results were very good. Out of ~50,000 attendees across a variety of events only 28 tested positive. There are some mitigating factors, but it shows that with care, you can run “safe” events.

This has culminated in guidelines for venues and a vax passport – a gov app, which is difficult to forge showing your vaccination and test status. Interestingly, if you’ve has covid within the last 6 months, it also marks you as “safe”. Use of the app is up to the venue, but most Brits accept it as an easy way to move forwards.

The general consensus here is that every human on the planet will contract covid in their lifetime. Vaccinations and awareness mean that you won’t be a burden on others (including hospitals), and they on you. And you can start to resume “normal life”. Rights and responsibilities – isn’t this what freedom and society are about?

Kind Regards
Crispin Herrod-Taylor
Managing Director, Crookwood


Often times you compare music to stand-up comedy. Of course the differences outweigh the similarities, the obvious being that no one wants to listen to the same joke over and over like they do w/ music. But where music is a harbinger of emotion, comedy (since Twain) has long been the canary of a nation’s intelligence. No need to discuss in what direction we’ve been heading. It’s pretty obvious that even though the canary may still be alive, it’s no longer singing.

In the bigger picture though, both comedy and music need a live audience. Comedy even more so.

Just so you know, comedy hasn’t balked at making vaccines a requirement. Although your big players in music are slowly getting their feet wet, rest assured small guys like us have already made that decision. No vaccine, no laughter. (A perfect metaphor for ‘merica, btw) Stay home and bitch into your beer. I don’t allow any morons come to my show. I opened off-broadway last night at the SoHo Playhouse. It’s a small house, 175, and we were half full. It’s an eight week run. People are wearing masks so the laughter is odd, muffled and off beat but genuine. It’s a solo show so I’m the only one on stage. I’m not breaking records and don’t have the sway the big players have, but rest assured, little guys like myself have already drawn a line in the sand. And, yes, without saying it we are ridiculing the sheep. That statement is in the not-so-subtle title of my show. THE BOOK OF MORON. Yeah, “moron” not “Mormon”. I battle stupidity on a nightly basis. And in keeping with the title of the show, I don’t care if you sneak in w/ no vaccine. We’re all vaccinated so it’s like the old joke of sheep coming to dine w/ a herd of wolves.

Basically, I want to thank all the sheep in ‘merica for inadvertently legalizing us wolves to commit involuntary manslaughter.
Although, from my perspective, it’s more voluntary.

And now for the plug.
Not for me but for all the frontline workers and theater professionals (that includes musicians, roadies, etc) You get free tix.
So if any of your NYC readers fit that description have them go to my website.
The laughter is on me.
The joke is on the sheep.
Yeah, I’m punching down.
Sue me.

-robert dubac


Need to call the right wing conservative anti-fact trumpers what they are.
The right to death party.

Every liberal, dem, socialist needs to hammer them with that slogan.
They are the right to death party.
I don’t care if they are willing to kill themselves but now they are even starting to kill children.

Simple. Short. To the point.

The right to death party.

Thank you;

John Daingerfield


Don’t pay attention to the rural yahoos. There aren’t all that many of them. Sure, some of them make a lot of noise, but here’s the thing: Vaccines work almost all the time for almost everyone. The only people they’re hurting are themselves. Shotgun shacks aren’t known as super spreader loci.

The story that’s not getting near enough attention is the Lousy outreach in our major cities, especially to the poor and minority communities.

It’s almost as if the Hispanic population (well over 50% unvaxed in some cities) doesn’t’ trust the system, and African Americans remember Tuskegee.

65% of African Americans in NYC are unvaccinated in NYC. I’ll go out on a limb and assume they’re all good Democrats.

That’s a much bigger deal than the odd country yahoo.

I’ve got a hundred family members across the political spectrum, and I can’t name one who isn’t vaccinated.

But how we’re dealing with our “sophisticated, educated cities” is appalling.

Great writing, always.

Charles Krug

Note: “In other words, the reasons that low vaccination rates among Black Americans are not somehow a counterpoint to low vaccination rates among Republicans are as follows:

Black people are much less likely than Republicans to say that they refuse to be vaccinated.

There are about four times as many Republicans as Black people in the ranks of the unvaccinated and a slightly higher proportion of Republicans among those who say they won’t get vaccinated.

Vaccination rates among Black Americans also reflect structural problems that often overlap with income.”

From: The ‘what about Black people’ defense of Republican vaccine hesitancy”:


This all seems hopeless. It is impressive that all these people who fucking hate you, take time to read, or at least scan what you put out. You have created a weird silo all your own.

Let’s be honest, as you get older, you get pickier. I want decent sightlines, enough clean washrooms, no yahoos screaming beside me, sitting more than standing for the show, and above all, to be safe.

Hate to admit it, but Vegas residencies tick more boxes than pretty much anywhere else.
Peter Burnside”

God Bless Bob! Stay safe. Write your passion.

Michael Becker


Hey Al Oliver.

It’s “bigot”.

Gotta love the scientifically-illiterate tinfoil-hatters who can’t even fucking spell their own argument.


Mike Froedge
Atlanta, GA


Well, everybody’s got an opinion. I hesitate to even reply. Who gives a shit?

Regarding FL’s #24 vax rate – don’t you think it’s as high as it is due to their age demographics? 20% are 62+, compare to other states. I picked one at random: TN, where it’s 14%. Not sure I would brag about being #24.

And a note to people who say “I have a friend who” – 100% of your argument is bullshit.



First images emerge of the vaccine passport accepted by nightclub bouncers:

(There’s a picture of a 50 pound note attached.)

Tris Penna


I love the “I have a problem with the USG putting something in my body response”……that’s intelligence 2021. Now of course if to travel to certain parts of the world for travel or special vacations you will happily take the required shots as it may save your life
and I emphasize REQUIRED BUT a shot that may save American lives and business this concept comes up………..damn

Chris Apostle


The Basement East and The Basement are proud to have played a significant role in kick starting the Vaccination Card Mandate for independent music venues in Nashville, Tn. Vaccinations Save Lives, period. Get the shot, people. Thankyou.
Mike Grimes
The Basement and The Basement East


I just can’t stand the hate filled email you receive from the anti vaxers and Trump supporters…This mess is beyond words for me. If Trump is to capture the office in 24′, I fear for the country and our lives and would like to think we’ll look at moving to Canada.

All I can do anymore is just take care of my side of the road anymore.

Much love from Syracuse NY…

Steve Anderko


Hey Bob, something just occurred to me while reading these responses. At the very least, hospitals with limited bed space should give preference to those who have been vaccinated.

Paul Burstyn
Larchmont, NY


Stick to music bob you are out of your league on this and a danger to society

Dave Lory


Five hundred new cases in Ontario a couple of days ago and 87 % of them were unvaccinated . Gee what a surprise .

Chris Chapin


Based on the data, I wouldn’t be comfortable going to any show even if 100% vaccinated is guaranteed…the real issue for spreading is indoor ventilation, there is no evidence that this virus is spread outdoors…even outdoors you may put yourself at risk traveling to and from…in the bathrooms, etc….but cooped in a poorly ventilated crowded room for hours makes no sense…I’m no scientist but I got to believe your odds of infection are much higher in that situation than in any crowded outdoor venue with 100% unvaccinated. You take your chances, I’ll take mine.

Stay safe,

Ed Kelly


Agreed! This is getting old Bob. People follow rules they don’t like every dang day of their lives but all of a sudden this is where they draw the line? They say they will take a bullet for their kids do anything for their kids but when it comes to the vaccine they won’t get a shot for their kids. Damn what a fucking country this is.


Mazi Ray
Los Angeles


In a free country, you weigh risks every day. It’s no different with this virus. Since when has government forced people to get vaccines? Actually, since when has a government gone to testing an entire population for a virus? Never. It’s more Fascist bullshit Bob. So in our free country, go get the vaccine if you want. Just shut up about other people. It’s none of your business. You get the polio or measles vaccine? Yes? So do you wear a mask now to protect yourself from polio or the measles? How come? Same with this. Get the vaccine,protect yourself. Take the risk of an untested drug, and now you don’t have to care at all, what other people do. Like the measles or polio, right? It’s called freedom Bob. You should look into believing in it..

Rich Case


“The Governor of Alabama blames the unvaccinated people for the spread of COVID-19. Who do you blame for the cause of the spread of COVID-19 and the variants?”:

David Scott Carlick


the haters are wrong. Most of what you need to know (independent, scientifically verified) is here:

Al Oliver is wrong. Mortality rate varies depending on care, variant, and other variables. Even using his 1% figure, ask him to do the math and see how many deaths that would be for a global population of 7.8 billion people, or the US population of 330 million. If he’s ok with that number, maybe he’ll volunteer to be one of the casualties? This is a global pandemic, and everyone will get infected sooner or later. The more hosts (infected, unvaccinated people) the virus hits, the more chance of a mutation that is far worse than what we’re seeing already.

Kurt is also misinformed as natural immunity is not the same as vaccine induced immunity, and is true for a large number of illnesses, including SARS-COV-2. Some illnesses don’t confer immunity at all when you get them (tetanus is a good example). It also ignores the risk of additional mutations.

To all the “big pharma is evil” people, they may indeed be (see John Oliver’s latest diatribe against the Sacklers and Purdue Pharma) and have a long list of horrendous behavior, however this is not one of those times, or the correct hill to die on rallying against big pharma. Oxycodone? Sure. Developing a vaccine for the Covid-19 pandemic? No. To put it another way, what if no one developed a vaccine, not because they couldn’t, but because they didn’t see enough money in it? Where would we be then? This is solving a global health crisis, I don’r see a problem with compensating the companies developing and manufacturing these vaccines.

It’s funny how some Americans want freedom, but ignore the responsibility that goes along with it, or fail to recognize the importance of a healthy and strong community. Every society in history has always had to balance two fundamental issues, the needs of the collective, and the needs of the individual. It’s also funny how some people insist everything is some high level government conspiracy, while at the same time saying the government is incompetent. It’s hard to be both.

Finally, proof of vaccination (“vaccine passports”) are nothing new. You need one to travel to many countries that have dengue, hepatitis, malaria, yellow fever, etc. and will be put right back on a return flight if you show up at the airport or border without a yellow WHO vaccine booklet proving your status. Kids are not allowed in schools in the US without having completed their vaccination schedules. Being able to document your status at a show or concert is no different, and is a matter of keeping the venue, performers, workers and guests all as safe as possible. Anything else is reckless and dangerous.

This is a public health crisis, not a political issue. Leave politics out of it, let the medical experts do their job and inform us how best to get through this.

Best regards,

Thor Legvold

Sonovo A/S


I’ve resisted responding but here I am. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m a democrat and 72 years old next month. I read everything I can about the vaccines and vaccine conversation. My husband is vaccinated because his immune system is compromised. I am not because at this time I trust my immune system more than any of the vaccines available. I may reconsider when the Novavax becomes available. But for now, I’m trusting the science as I understand it. I don’t “reject science.” Everyone encouraging vaccinations says the science says they’re good and safe. Dr. Fauci on a national television event said, “There are no long term side effects.” I was in his corner till then. Science does not know if there are long term side effects because the mRNA technology has not had long term clinical trials on animals or humans. The trials are now. This is not a traditional vaccine so the unknowns are being revealed every day.

Half my doctors, half my family, half my friends and half my students are not vaccinated for the same reason. Are we taking a chance? Yup but we believe the risk is greater with the vaccines. I mask up everywhere I go. I wash my hands all the time. I’ve mindfully worked on strengthening my immune system for the last 50 years and it’s robust. I’ve had the flu only once in 1975 so I don’t get flu shots. I have no comorbidities and I’m in great health and physical fitness. I know I’m unusual for my age. My daughter and 2 grandchildren have had covid with no or minimal symptoms. If I do get sick, I believe it would be mild and I like the concept of natural anti-bodies. I certainly appreciate the necessity of vaccines for some but to mandate for all is a frightening concept to me. And to mandate to those who’ve already had the virus… really?!

My aunt is in an assisted living facility which was the first in Florida to get vaccinations. I get regular reports and for most of the pandemic year all the residents in her building have been fine because of very strict protocols. Since getting the vaccines, more and more residents are getting covid with 8 in the last week! There’s just too much of the science that’s unknown. And I know people are also dying from the vaccine. And now we know you could be vaccinated and still get and transmit covid. It’s incredibly sad that the country is so polarized, but name calling and intimidation is just ugly. My primary care physician agrees with my decision for ME. I know we don’t always make smart choices but it has to be an acceptable choice to not have an experimental medicine injection, especially if you’ve consulted with your doctor.

There are so many powerful ways to fortify your immune system but there certainly aren’t enough professionals talking about those ways. Obesity is the most dangerous comorbidity for covid and at least 40% of the US population is obese, which to me is one of the most tragic statistics of all. It’s certainly the most challenging time for health in my lifetime and ironically with all the health and wellness information available. I continue to wish, hope and pray for good health and very long lives for us all! And lots of safe live music!

My best ~
Caryn Robin

Note: From the CDC: “mRNA Vaccines Are New, But Not Unknown Researchers have been studying and working with mRNA vaccines for decades. Interest has grown in these vaccines because they can be developed in a laboratory using readily available materials. This means the process can be standardized and scaled up, making vaccine development faster than traditional methods of making vaccines.
mRNA vaccines have been studied before for flu, Zika, rabies, and cytomegalovirus (CMV). As soon as the necessary information about the virus that causes COVID-19 was available, scientists began designing the mRNA instructions for cells to build the unique spike protein into an mRNA vaccine.

Future mRNA vaccine technology may allow for one vaccine to provide protection for multiple diseases, thus decreasing the number of shots needed for protection against common vaccine-preventable diseases.
Beyond vaccines, cancer research has used mRNA to trigger the immune system to target specific cancer cells.”

Note: From the CDC: “Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. More than 351 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through August 9, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 6,631 reports of death (0.0019%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem. A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines.”

Note: Covid-19 infections have gone up since the opening of most states. People who have breakthrough infections may have been quarantined previously and are now interacting with third parties and are susceptible.


One day you might wake up to the reality of that which you’ve been bickering about for a long time, that what you’re describing in all your emails about Covid is effectively THE cancel culture. There’s a lot of differing opinions on this subject and I’m not a subscriber to any of them other than, if it ain’t fully tested and fully approved, it’s a human trial. Doesn’t that say something inside all the paranoia and fear?

Sacha Spindler

Note: See the notes above, re the Caryn Robin e-mail


A quite successful, smallish (300 seat) local venue in Brownfield Maine that has some fairly major acts come through (Lyle Lovett, Bruce Hornsby, Peter Wolf, Asleep At The Wheel, etc) just posted this:

Stone Mountain Arts Center: Covid 19
COVID CONCERT UPDATE – 8/11/2021 until further notice…
With the recent surge of Covid cases many of our artists and customers are needing a vaccinated environment to remain committed to come to SMAC. We obviously can’t afford another rash of cancellations by our customers or performers… so we are implementing the following policy:
PROOF OF VACCINATION or a negative (within 72 hours) Covid test is required upon arrival to attend this concert. Rapid home tests are okay. Please bring proof to check in.
MASKS are required when not seated at your table and our staff will be masked as well.
IMPORTANT: We cannot be responsible for your health decisions. Before you order a ticket or attend an event here … be aware being indoors anywhere with this contagious virus with lots of people is a risk…a risk not everyone should take. By visiting our establishment, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.
A note from the owners: Jeff and I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe.…really!! We just want to protect our business from going through what we did last year…for our sakes, our staff’s sakes, our artist’s sakes, and our customer’s sakes. We don’t want live music to go away again!! SO FOR GOSH SAKES …BE KIND.

It’s extending too local venues as well as the big ones.

Al Hospers


I love your passion, your stream-of-consciousness-disparate-elements strung-together-cosmic attempts, your experience, the fact you don’t really give a shit what people think—and—after a lifetime of study;
there is No Way there is nothing to the concerns about vaccines and the whole stinkin’ covid mess. There is way too much smoke for there to not be some fire.
Many of the censored posts are from knowledgeable, experienced, reasonable, good people. Q obscured our ability for discerning reasoned study of the various immensely powerful elements with a dog in this fight. Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, the Military for starters.
Vast power.
Any serious study shows some correlation between vaccines and autism which is, like many long-term chronic conditions, through the roof, in our country. We, as a people, should not be this sick, esp. with the total $ spent.
We have seen, it has been illustrated for us, over the last 5 years, what’s been building up and true for decades–that many many of our systems are broken. Which outlines those solutions demand whole paradigm shifts, absolutely new (though sometimes based on old) ways of approaching our lives and Life. Shit, you say this about some things like the music biz. Everybody who does not get vaccinated is an… asshole…murderer? is bullshit. It is not that simple. Hell, I wish it was.
It’s well documented that when life grows complicated, overwhelming beyond a certain level, we shut down by attaching to simple answers. Please big daddy solve our problems. Almost worked for trump. Everyone gets a shot; we’ll go back to normal. This is how we hand over our lives to others, historically.
Jimmy Cioe
PS: You like to post links, tell people to listen, read etc., then say they won’t.
This – – starting at 26 minutes, is Robert Kennedy Jr speaking. His Uncle was JFK, shot dead in Dallas, his Father is RFK, shot dead in LA. I have studied, for decades, most everything he discusses and May God be my witness, I guarantee you, this is a talk filled with facts and truths. Filled. You won’t post it.

Note: From the CDC: “Vaccines do not cause autism.”:

Note: “The Anti-Vaccine Propaganda of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Or how an environmental lawyer led a crusade against vaccines and spread lies to marginalized communities”:


Man when I see the linking some of these folks are doing, easily debunked and obviously slanted propaganda….

We need an Internet drivers license. A test, taken every 2-3 years that ensures you employ the basic skill set required to not be constantly duped by scams and illicit websites, baited by trolls or tied up spreading dumb information.

Can you spot a trusted site from a fake?
Can you tell reasonable information from slanted propaganda?
Can you spot a phishing scheme?
Should you really use your credit card here?
Review this profile: Is “Chip Johnson” a real person?
Should I post this information?

If you fail the test, of course you can take it again – but you’ll be sent home with a handy idiots guide so you can study up on how the internet really works and you’ll have to wait a week.

-How to find out more about the website you are visiting -how to research an author or publisher of online information

Enforceable? Of course not. Pipe dream? Absolutely. But tell me it’s not a great idea. I personally believe the access to Internet and the gullible nature of the public is really the root of most of our modern problems. When you have a vast, open source to provide information freely to anyone with access, of course you are going to have a misinformation problem. That weird info used to be of little consequence – now it’s killing people and creating insurrection.

I use my own parents as a tiny snapshot of the country : my mother has been internet savvy since the 90s, learning the web as it grew and always careful to limit intake and dependence, staying safe online. But even she will call me once a year or so saying she got an email about compromised accounts or click here to unlock your locked account… she still struggles with what is real and what isn’t.

My dad on the other hand, also online since the 90s but notorious for clicking: slot machine pop ups, sites with incredibly long urls (like the responder with the or whatever it was ??) offers for free items, offers for free cash, offers for anti virus software to fix the problems created by all the dumb clicking, email chains about Haitian princes… he’s also Facebook friends with hundreds of people who also need Internet drivers license. Who punch info into his feed all day that is incorrect. Now I think he’s capable of seeing through most of it – but it’s a daily deluge. And there are other 64 yr old guys out there flying just as blind online.

America needs an Internet drivers license.

Eli Chastain


Smell the coffee Bob. The Vacs don’t work But your booster is ready anyway… so will you get it or appear to have changed your position of blind faith and risk being ostracized, branded and excluded from the things u love.


Note: From Bloomberg: “Are Covid Shots Working? What the Real World Tells Us”

“1. How good are Covid vaccines?

In general, the Covid shots are extremely good, though not perfect, at protecting against hospitalization and death. Researchers in Taiwan found that a 10% increase in vaccine coverage is associated with a 7.6% reductionin the case fatality ratio. Most vaccines also provide a very good shieldagainst developing Covid symptoms, and some are able to provide good protection from being infected with the virus that causes Covid, SARS-CoV-2. The latter ability is important because it results in the kind of sterilizing immunity that stops the virus from spreading — a feat that will bring the world closer to ending the pandemic via so-called herd immunity. In any case, vaccination is associated with a 40%-to-50% reduction in Covid cases among an infected person’s household contacts, and it’s anticipated that newer generation vaccines will be even better at preventing onward transmission.”


J Semrau here for disclosure.

Yeah man, you panicked I understand that you are still panicking I get it but you have zero evidence that what you’re saying what you preaching is the right thing and with the vaccine expiring in roughly 6 months what’s the point??

And just a reminder; Not all ideas that come from Austria are necessarily good for humanity and democracy. So yeah screw you Arnold.

Note: “Moderna says its vaccine’s protection holds through six months.”

“Last week, Pfizer and BioNTech released a detailed report of their own mRNA vaccine’s durability after six months.”


I despair…

Right-wing demagogue Gov. Tate Reeves of Mississippi is asking the FEDERAL (democratic) government for help because his state is overloaded with Covid cases.

Here’s a guy who demanded that the Feds stay out of the state’s decisions, supported a toxic GOP policy of “small” government that hurt the poor and left states with crappy health care, voted AGAINST Medicaid expansion in Mississippi, cheered Trump on, trashed the Democrats, and is now asking for Biden’s help because of HIS FAILURE to lead.

And, here’s the fucked up kicker … While pleading for help, he still won’t mandate mask wearing in Mississippi!!

John Parikhal


The Morrisette Irony Award goes to….Anti-vaxers for “My body, my choice!” (unless you want an abortion…)

Ted Doyle


Nice try Bob. John’s Hopkins is fine and all but the Palm Beach Post sites more from HHS which is using CDC.

Fake News.

And I’ll admit, I never got vaccinated. I am one who got Covid.

I first took Hydroxychloroquine and, then, Ivermectin. I did both with a high dose regimen of Zinc, Arithromax Vitamins D3, C, B12 in with 500mg Quercetin.

I found all but the HCQ and Ivermectin at The Vitamin Shoppe. I drank much fluids and smoothies. Propel water is great.

I’m fine and have the antibodies now. The Fauci Flu manufactured by the CCP didn’t kill me.

I have no sense of smell at the moment, so I will be doing some DIY plumbing.

And, I will never get vaccinated.

Thomas Kenny
Vero Beach FL


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