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How The Instagram Algorithm Works And How To Make It Work For You

How The Instagram Algorithm Works And How To Make It Work For You

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(Hypebot) — Given how important Instagram has become as a music marketing tool, it’s important to get the drop on it wherever possible. These key facts about the platform’s algorithm could be just what you need to get a marketing edge.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

If you’re on Instagram, you know its algorithm can be an elusive mistress to the untrained eye. Luckily for you, we’ve got the inside scoop on what really works and what doesn’t. In the past, we did a rundown of how the algorithm works overall in this post. Now, we’re spilling some additional facts that you should definitely know about…

Your Feed Is Determined By 4 Factors.

On Instagram Live, Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram) broke it down like this:

  1. Information about the post itself.
  2. Information about the poster.
  3. Your activity.
  4. Your interaction history.

The first factor comes down to things like if it’s a photo or a video, the subject matter of it, if it has a lot of likes. Then, it looks at whether or not the person who posted it is a friend or if they post often. When it takes a look at activity, the algorithm takes note of what kind of content you typically engage with, like if you watch a lot of videos. Lastly, it all comes down to how you interact with that persons content. Do you comment or like a lot of their stuff?

According to“Based on this information, the algorithm calculates how likely someone is to interact with a post, known as a score of interest, which ultimately determines the order in which posts are displayed in someone’s feed.”

Every Comment Counts As An Interaction

Even if it’s a single emoji, every comment is taken into consideration by Instagram’s algorithm. That’s also why it’s important to reply to all your comments as a content creator looking to increase your engagement.

Although it still depends on the independent user, the more they comment definitely brings your content up higher in their feed… Even if it’s just a poop emoji.

The Feed Actually Doesn’t Favor Video Over Photos

For the longest time, it’s been a common misconception that Instagram favors video over photos. On Instagram’s official page, they clarified this directly in a Q&A on their Stories. They said, “We don’t universally favor photos over videos. Your feed is customized for you, so it really depends on how you use Instagram. If you consistently watch a lot of videos, that will be reflected in your feed.”

There ya go, folks.

Using Bots To Fake Interaction Doesn’t Work

In the same Q&A, Instagram also clarified that its machine learning algorithm knows how to weed out fake interactions like bots and comment pods. It identifies these and ranks them as such, so trying to cheat the system simply doesn’t work. (Sorry, not sorry.)

If you really want to get better results on Instagram, you’ll have to do it through authentic, consistent content.

In Conclusion…

Instagram’s algorithm continues to improve every year, constantly evolving to ensure its users have the best experience possible. Nowadays, Instagram loves discovery. They’re doing their best to help its users become exposed to more than ever before, giving you a better chance of getting your content out to potential fans all over the world.

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