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200+ Artists, Labels Join Bandcamp In Donating Friday’s Profits To the Transgender Law Center

(Hypebot) – More than 200 artists and labels are joining Bandcamp in showing support of the trans and gender non-conforming community by donating a share of every transaction made on the platform on, Friday August 4th to the Transgender Law Center.

In response to the Trump administration's ban on transgender service in the U.S. military and its "cynical, discriminatory agenda," BandCamp has also pledged 100% of its share of every sale on Friday, August 4th (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time) to the Transgender Law Center.

Over 200 artists and labels are adding their own donations from sales, as well. As of Thursday morning, they include:

25 Diamonds
6131 Records
A Sound of Thunder (Offering special vinyl release.)
The Absent City (Donating the proceeds from all August sales to TLC.)
Alexalone (Donating proceeds from newest EP to TLC.)
Allison Weiss
Already Dead Tapes & Records
Amadeus Records
Amigo/Amiga (Donating 100% of digital and 10% of physical to TLC.)
Aqualamb (Donating 100% of digital sales and 20% of physical to TLC.)
Art and Music
Audio Antihero Records
Automation Records
Bad Bat Records
Bary Center
The Brangs (Donating 100% of proceeds from Seafoam Green to TLC.)
Brock Wilbur
BSNSS CLSS (New album The Altered States available for 24 hours, with all proceeds going to TLC.)
Buzzkill Squad
Candy Says
Car Seat Headrest (Releasing exclusive demo, with all proceeds going to TLC.)
Casey Dienel
Cat Meat
Chase Rayment
Christine Bougie
Circuits (Posting new EP early to support fundraiser.)
Claire Michelle
Community Records (Donating all weekend sales, beginning Friday, to TLC.)
The Cornersmiths
Crossbill Records
Crown Larks
Cult of the Lost Cause
Curious Quail
Dark Horse
Darko the Super
Deathwish Records (Donating a portion of Friday sales to TLC.)
Debra Galactica
Deep Sea Records
Deserted Village
Dharmata 101
Dion Lunadon
Donker (Donating all proceeds from the song “Shadow Box Butterfly” and 50% of album sales to TLC.)
Don’t Panic Records (Donating $1.00 of every sale to TLC, plus giving free, limited-edition hot sauce with every purchase.)
Drawing Room Records
ella guro (Releasing Atoms, a collection of unreleased material, for fundraiser.)
Emily Elbert
Eric Benoit (Donating all sales and releasing exclusive single.)
Evade the Eye
Ever/Never Records
Eyes Behind the Veil
Father/Daughter Records
Fay Wolf (Donating proceeds from all digital sales to TLC.)
First Word Records
Flannelgraph Records
Fun Never Starts
Gavin Prior
Georgie Jessup
Germany Germany
Gold Flake Paint (“Putting something together” exclusively for Friday.)
Grace Petrie
Great Grandpa
Grotesque Organ Defilement
Hardly Art
Hausu Mountain (Donating all shipping costs and 20% of sales to TLC.)
Heather Christian & the Arbornauts
Hello June
Honest Horse
Horse Lords
Humanly (Donating 60% of all sales to TLC.)
Immortal Bird
The Implicit Order
Indian Jewelry
Indonesian Junk
Infinite Best
Inspected by 13 (Proceeds from new album, Thundershaft, will be donated to TLC.)
International Orange
Jackknife Seizure
Jay Regan
Jennie Sadler
John Marglin & Carl Bauer
Jonathan Geer
The Judys (Donating proceeds from The Very Best of the Judys to TLC.)
Juliana Finch
Julius Eastman (Offering unreleased, exclusive single.)
Kelly Parde Cooper
Ken Reid
Kiam Records
Kill Rock Stars
kranky (Offering an exclusive new song from Grouper, with proceeds donated to trans-friendly organizations.)
Landscape Tapes
Late Bloomer
The Late Cretaceous
Lazy Legs
Lenny Zenith
Lich King
Liquid Library
Lost Twin
Maki Yamazaki (Donating 50% of all sales to TLC.)
Mall Music (Donating 50% of all sales to TLC.)
Marc With A C
Matt Steady
Matthew Ashcroft
Mel Stone
Merge Records (Donating 50% of sales to TLC, plus offering free mystery 7″ with the purchase of two or more vinyl LPs.)
Mexican Summer
Michael Hefner
Michael Hix (Donating all proceeds from new album, Pneuma, to TLC.)
Mirror Universe Tapes (Donating proceeds from all purchases to TLC except Gimmie Tinnitus, which benefits NYCLU.)
Misbehavin’ Maidens
Mississippi Jones
Mister Vertigo
Modern Radio
Museum Mouth (Donating proceeds from exclusive demos for Popcorn Fish Guinea Pig to TLC.)
Nancy Falkow
Near Mint
Neon Shudder
New Professor
Northwoods Records
Numero Group (Proceeds from early release of Jackie Shane’s single “Cruel Cruel World,” from the forthcoming Numero Group collection, will be donated to TLC.)
Old Lion
Opossum Trot (Donating 50% of all sales to TLC.)
Other Electricities
Ordinal Records
Owen Kilfeather
Paper Thin (Donating sales from 10am PST Saturday to 10am PST Sunday to Minus18 Youth.)
Patrick Turner
Paul Melancon
Perfect Scums
Pilgrim Omega
Polyvinyl Records
Primitive Acoustics
Revolution I Love You
Round Whirled
Ruins of Elysium
Rum Bar Records (Donating 50% of their share of sales.)
Run For Cover
Salem Wolves
Sarah Hennies (Posting exclusive, unreleased material.)
Sarah Shay
Seb Woodland
Self Aware Records (Also donating proceeds from Amanda X’s Giant to Women Against Abuse.)
ShyBoy (Donation 100% of proceeds from the song “He and She” to TLC.)
SLEAZY (Donating proceeds from limited-edition test pressing.)
So Is the Tongue
Soft Lashes
The Sonder Bombs
Sparkler Monthly
Speedy Ortiz
Standard Issue Citizen
Static Noise Bird (Offering two exclusive songs with screenshot of Friday purchase.)
Stephen Liu
The Striped Bananas
Studded Left
Sub Pop
Swedish Columbia
Swept to See (Donating all sales from Friday through Sunday to TLC.)
Tara Jane O’Neil (Releasing exclusive live EP, with all proceeds going to TLC.)
Technikal Ted
Ted’s Dead
Tender Loving Empire
Terrance Pryor
Tim Fromont Placenti
Third Kind Records (Releasing “something new” on Friday for the fundraiser.)
The Tired Horizon
Tofu Carnage
Tom Winckles
Tonks and the Aurors
Totally Knuts
UIQ Music
Ulrike Mod
Vertigo Fox (Donating proceeds from all sales from Friday to Monday to TLC.)
Victor’s Lament
Voices of Where
Warehouse 86
Watching Nebula
Wenda Rose
Whimsically Macabre
Wichita Recordings
William S. Braintree
Wounded Knife (Donating to Kampania Przeciw Homofobii, a non-profit organization aiming to promote legal and social equality of LGBT people in Poland.)
Young Adults
The Zannies (Donating proceeds from new live record to TLC.)
Zoom Lens (Donating 100% of all digital, cassette, CD, and vinyl purchases to TLC.)
ZUM Audio