Blue Cross Arena Increases Ticket Surcharge

The cost of a ticket for events at the city-owned Blue Cross Arena at the Community
War Memorial in Rochester, NY will increase by 25 cents in July, according to the
Democrat & Chronicle.

SMG, which manages the facility, said it was losing too much money and wanted to
rework its financial agreement. The city will use the extra money to help SMG.

Now, a ticket costing $5 and up will include a total $1.25 ticket surcharge; any ticket
less than $5 will include a 25-cent surcharge. Previously, less expansive tickets had no

In addition, the city also will pay $150,000 more a year in utility costs, reducing SMG's
cost to about $300,000. Parking lot operations will also be turned over to SMG, who will
be free to set their own parking fees.