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Dear Britney, Acting Dumb Isn't Smart

NEW YORK (Hypebot) –
I know (or at least hope I know) that few Hypebot readers care much about what Britney Spears is up to lately. Nor do I think Britney in a bathing suit holds much interest for anyone anymore. So I apologize for bringing her into the conversation. But the latest MTV Video Music Awards ad just happens to be the best example of an ongoing marketing trend that needs to be stopped: artists and marketers who believe that using how dumb you are is an OK way to get people’s attention. It’s really not.

Last year's spot had Britney forgetting host Russell Brand's name. This year she's holding out for a personal invitation. Both spots showcase her incredible lack of acting skills.

My point is that being stupid might lead to an amusing commercial (though even that didn't happen here), but it won't lead to more album or ticket sales – which I'm pretty sure was (or should have been) the ultimate goal.

The best way to avoid these kinds of mistakes is to keep your eye on the goal. If the goal is to share great music with the world; then everything you do should point to that; and nothing you do should distract from it. Have some fun along the way. But it’s always got to be about the music; or at least a positive portrayal of the person making it.