Find tour dates and live music events for all your favorite bands and artists in your city! Get concert tickets, news and more! To Make Live Concert Recordings Available ( has developed of a unique Web-based service that will allow music fans an opportunity to order digital downloads of live concert performances. It was conceived of by 16-year music and new media veteran Mike Corso (known for pioneering music promotion on the Internet in 1993). According to Corso, "One of the most compelling things about what we're doing is delivering a product to an already existing, willing market. Fans will adore this concept because, better than a commercially available live release, it enables them to own `MY' show (`THIS is the show I SAW!')." gives fans much more than a baseball cap, t-shirt or other merchandise — they get something that will become an invaluable addition to their music collection." was inspired by my own personal experience with Apple's iPod MP3 player," said Corso. "Every day I travel with 1,800 songs that are stored on my iPod. Regardless of where I am, I can listen to ANY song in my music collection….and I can (and do) play it through many sources (home stereo, car stereo, boom box, etc.). To me, the message is simple: the CD is dying and portability of one's own music tonnage will be commonplace for millions of music lovers. For this reason, is devoting all of its energy to digital delivery (MP3, Shorten, a better compression format…whatever) of live concerts. The other inspiration for is my love of live performances and my belief that huge numbers of concert-going fans would love to own recordings of shows they attended or heard about."

Corso further added: "I firmly believe that we have entered a period where EVERY concert performance should be uploaded for fans to purchase and download the next day. The time has come for artists to do this regularly and was created to facilitate the process for artists and labels and centralize the offerings of all live recordings not commercially available online or at retail. We do not believe in selling one or two performances from a tour but EVERY performance. Know this: every city has fans that would like to walk away with an audio file of the concert THEY attended. In addition, there will be many fans (that were unable to attend a live performance) who will order a particular show because they heard it was AWESOME!"'s mission is to give fans what they want at an attractive price while, at the same time, putting found money into the hands of the music industry. With its production offices and studios based in New York, will rely on its network of freelance audio engineers to record shows throughout the country.

The process:

1) Artists overnight a DAT/ADAT to the production
office. (If Artist does not record their performances,
engineers will do so)

2) Within 24-48 hours, will master and encode files to
MP3 and store on the servers.

3) will be responsible for all marketing, e-commerce,
and accounting (including payment of mechanical licenses).

4) Sale price per concert will average $11.95. will work with artists who perform, on average, 60 times per year before audiences of at least 500 per show.

Contact: Mike Corso of at 914-238-6874 or