Kraft Group Sued Over Deaths After Tailgating

DEDHAM, Mass. (AP) – The family of a woman who died in a crash about a mile from Gillette Stadium after drinking in the stadium parking lot during a concert, as well as a woman who survived the same crash, have sued the Kraft Group, owner of the stadium and the New England Patriots.

The lawsuit brought by the family of Debra Davis of Milton by and Nina Houlihan of Norton, says the Kraft Group was willfully negligent and had a duty to monitor the parking lot and prevent underage drinking outside the 2008 concert. Both women were 20.

Davis' family is seeking $2.5 million. Houlihan is seeking $250,000.

The Boston Globe reports that a lawyer for the Kraft Group said in court Tuesday the women brought their own alcohol and were trespassing because they did not have tickets.