OK Steve Jobs, Where Is All The DRM-Free Music You Promised Us?

SEATTLE (Hypebot) – Despite telling independent labels and

distributors to deliver DRM-free tracks to iTunes months ago, our

sources tell us that many labels only received Apple's contract

covering the change within the last few days.

The result is that a full 8 months after Steve Jobs called on record labels to drop copy restrictions,

the iTunes Plus DRM-Free store has by far the weakest selection of

DRM-Free independent label music of the three top download services.

Both eMusic and the new Amazon mp3 store have more than 2 millions

DRM free tracks mostly from indies, and yet iTunes' selection is a

fraction of that number. Although Apple claims that tracks are

being added daily, a quick search found that many top indie artists

who have DRM-free tracks available elsewhere where not represented

on iTunes Plus.

In fact, we wondered for months if Steve "I Like To Keep Control"

Jobs really wants a DRM free world to arrive any faster than it has