Sparkplug: Rent Instruments, Gear, Space From And To Your Fellow Musicians

(Hypebot) – This article explores the new ins and outs of Sparkplug, a resource which allows artists to make money by renting out instruments and space to fellow artists, as well as save money by renting space and gear from same said artists.


Guest post by Jennifer Newman Sharpe, CEO and founder of Sparkplug

Make money renting out your instruments; Save money on tour or in the studio by renting from a fellow artist.
In order to better support and invest in their art, musicians are often interested in new, innovative ways that they can make or save money, especially while supporting their community. Sparkplug ( offers all of those opportunities: artists make money renting out their instruments, gear, and space, and save money by renting from local musicians and small businesses. You can connect with other artists all over the world renting via Sparkplug. Plus, all of your rentals are in one place, making it a lot easier to keep track of details and communications while you’re on the road.

Interested in learning more? Here is an in depth overview of Sparkplug, which answers our most frequently asked questions. Of course, feel free to head over now and take a look around for yourself.

So, how does Sparkplug work?

Sparkplug is an online, community marketplace – similar to Airbnb, for example – where musicians and local businesses offer their instruments, equipment, and space (like rehearsal rooms or studios) for rent. It only takes 3 minutes to start renting out your gear.

Need to rent something? Search our inventory and send reservation requests or inquiries to the owners. You can also request custom packages and send your rider directly to a Sparkplug Shop. Once a reservation is confirmed by the owner, you’re then charged for the reservation fees and the refundable security deposit.