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Alex Orbison Says He Cried Seeing His Father's Hologram

Alex Orbison Says He Cried Seeing His Father’s Hologram

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(CelebrityAccess) Alex Orbison, son of Roy Orbison, recently gave a lengthy interview to Fox News in which he provides loving approval of the new hologram tour of his father, and how he cried when he saw Roy Orbison onstage nearly 30 years after his passing.

The estate-approved hologram tour kicked off in Europe earlier this year and will begin a 28-date run of North America next month. The show includes a hologram of Orbison surrounded by a live orchestra and newly recorded, digitally remastered arrangements of the Orbison hits.

“For the first show, I was holding in my breath and wanted everything to be perfect,” Alex Orbison told Fox News. “When people started clapping at the end of ‘Only the Lonely’ and going into ‘Crying,’ I started seeing these tender family moments and then another couple.

“You could tell, the couple, it was their favorite song because their hands floated up and they held each other’s hands as the song went in. And then they gave each other this look. That part of it touched me.

“I just started crying being so proud of what my dad accomplished in his songs… and that incredible voice. And the fact that people were seeing it in real time. It’s overwhelming and just very touching.”

Alex said he understands that some of his father’s fans would be wary of a hologram but said the tour ensures honoring of Orbison’s legacy.

“Being able to see a visual representation of an artist like my dad… and hearing his vocals plunked through a big theater or arena, it’s a powerful experience and even the most ardent fans… wanting to be skeptic, go to the shows and end up coming away loving them,” he explained.

“It’s truly amazing to see 30 years after my dad passed away, to be able to go see a Roy Orbison show,” he added. “At the end of the day, the people that have been going have been people that miss seeing my dad live or saw him and want to see him one more time. It is truly magical that we could be able to do that.”

Brian Becker, CEO of Base Hologram, told Fox News he worked with the Orbison family to make sure that Roy Orbison’s likeness and movements were accurate, and called the experience nerve-wracking.

Roy Orbison Hologram Tour – Demo from Dimensional Studios on Vimeo.


“We had to get Alex [and his family] to make sure that it was authentic and properly interpreted,” said Becker. “There are fans, of course, and there are others who are involved in maintaining Roy’s legacy, but first and foremost was the family. So, we knew that if we could creatively satisfy them, that we would be able to bring the show to people around the world.

“I think we did well with that pressure. I think we satisfied the family. It was very collaborative… Every step of the way, Alex and his family assured that we had authenticity and that we treated his father properly.”

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