Cambridge Folk And Newport Folk Strike Partnership

(CelebrityAccess) — Organizers for two of the world's longest running folk fests — The Newport Folk Festival and the Cambridge Folk Festival — announced that the two events had formed a transatlantic partnership.

"Cambridge Folk Festival has always tested the boundaries of Folk with its programme and we are excited to be working with and learning from a Festival that has the artistic heritage and ambition of Newport. Twinning with Newport will allow both Festivals to explore unique and extraordinary artistic opportunities that will excite audiences on both sides of the Atlantic," said Cambridge Folk Festival Managing Director Steve Bagnall.

"We are excited that from next year Newport Folk Festival will be twinning with Cambridge Folk Festival. This move will allow us to share ideas, experiences and some artists from two festivals that have grown up together and in their own way played a role in shaping the folk music landscape on both sides of the Atlantic. This partnership will allow us to bring a little bit of Newport to Cambridge and vice versa," added Newport Folk executive producer Jay Sweet.

While details of the nature of the partnership were nebulous, organizers for the two events stated that they planned to further elaborate on the tie-up after their 2017 events conclude.