Fans Help Corey Feldman Search For Missing Tooth

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CelebrityAccess) — Actor and musician Corey Feldman got some help from his fans during a show in Milwaukee on Wednesday night after he accidentally knocked out a tooth with his microphone.

Peter Jest, owner of Shank Hall where Feldman and his scantily clad band The Angels were performing, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that Feldman dislodged his tooth approximately 30 minutes into his set.

"It really was his whole tooth," Jest told the newspaper. "But he was a trooper and he went on and finished the last 90 minutes of the show."

A video of the incident captured by the Milwaukee Record shows Feldman pausing the show to search for the errant tooth, and asking for fans to help. One fan obliged and received a hug from the singer for her assistance.