Festival Hopes To Deter Ticket Counterfeiters

(CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — It will be harder for thieves to make a quick buck at this year's T in the Park festival in Scotland.

This year's tickets will include personal details about the ticket holder entered into the scanable barcode on the ticket after a stir was caused earlier this year when the festival's head of security Patrick Mossom admitted that he couldn't identify a real ticket among forgeries.

The admission came during the trial of an alleged forger Mark Weston in Perth who was accused of selling forged tickets to the festival.

The event has sold out with festival-goers paying £82 each for 130,000 tickets to see acts such as Green Day, The Foo Fighters and Keane.

"Hopefully this new system will be a deterrent in stopping fans from taking this risk because now they know there's no way they will get into the event without a ticket that is uniquely bar-coded." says Geoff Ellis, head of the company promoting the festival, DF Concerts.

Ellis went on to discourage people from attending the event without tickets, suggesting that they would "only be disappointed".

Other safeguards against ticket fraud include requiring ticket purchasers to present proof of identity upon delivery of the tickets. – CelebrityAccess Staff Writer