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How To Increase Your Ticket Sales: Local Shows & Events

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Orlando, Florida (CelebrityAccess) – Your show is the best in city and you want everyone to know and experience it! You want to be the best, but to do that, you have to sell out your show.

To achieve this, you should implement effective marketing strategies whether you are promoting a one-time or seasonal event. Just like any music or artist promotion, start with upfront planning and goal setting. Focus on a few clear and concise goals then eliminate the goals that are either out of budget, unrealistic or both. Once you have your goals you can begin formulating your bold and brilliant strategies that will help you get closer to these goals.

Ticket Marketing for One-time Events

Find Local Partners

Partners in surrounding areas can help boost ticket sales to your event. Don’t just stop at having these partners selling your tickets at their locations. Rather, go one step further by incorporating them into your marketing strategy for your event. You could do this by publicizing your partners and offering discounts to those who purchase tickets from them.

When choosing the right partners, it helps to go with establishments that are most related to the theme behind your event. This is great for getting online leads and ticket sales prior to the show and later your leads can be re-marketed to convert into buyers. All of this, coupled with inspirational marketing and sales copy could double your ticket sales very quickly.

Marketing Copy & Value Proposition

This is an industry with mixed genre interest, countless shows and endless noise, so it’s important to provide a very strong value proposition with marketing copy and promises you can deliver.

You have to identify your audience and place yourself in their shoes. Why would someone want to go to your show? What value will your show provide vs another show they plan to spend their money on? If you know your audience, you can truly hone in on their touch points. If you can deliver what you promise in your promotions and have an actionable ticket page, it will help you keep their attention, especially the attention of the millennial’s.

If you begin your promotions early enough and use proper tracking, you can reach the same exact audience who visited your promotion previously. These are people who showed an interest in your promotion already, but they might have been distracted during their visit. It could have been while they were reading or even worse, checking out. You can record these actions and later send a tailored message depending on where and when they exit a website page.

Start a Contest or Challenge

Contests can be a great way to create buzz and draw attention to your event. An important step to take note of is to make sure it remains relative to the event. This is done by offering a prize or reward to a few winners. To enter the contest, they have to perform a ridiculously easy task with their social media accounts. An example of a good reward is free or discounted tickets. The more people partake in and share info on this contest, the more popular your upcoming event becomes.

Talk About Your Event in Your Local Online Communities

Forums such as those offered by sites like Reddit can be a great place to market your event. People incorrectly assume that once you market on these sites, the community will remove what you submit. Fortunately, all you need to do is to make sure that your post doesn’t sound too much like a sales pitch and it remains relevant.

You can get the services of a digital marketing company to create content that meet the guidelines of your chosen community. You can check if your local environment or city has a subreddit to take advantage of. It will be a good place to inform people about an event that is happening around them.

Promotions for Seasonal Shows

Contact Previous Attendees

This applies to events that are recurring and are held annually, monthly or in an established period. It involves creating and utilizing a mailing list of those that have attended your events in the past. This can be done via expert email marketing, which firstly talks about the past event before informing them about the next one without coming across as too invasive.

Create Useful Online Content

Start creating posts that are tailored to readers in your specific locality and share on your website and social media platforms. We also see a lot of display ads for more vibrant and colorful shows. If your show is visually pleasing to the audience, try to gather video footage and use it in your ad creatives.  It will generate more engagement, shares, likes and even increase the volume and rate at which people tag others. Soon, this evolves into a snowball effect and becomes organic by generating more exposure at no additional cost.

Yes, SEO and content marketing seem like an obvious choice when seeking ways to sell more tickets overtime. Some believe that organic marketing services are served up like any other service. “All SEO and organic marketing is the same” is a very common misconception that is very dangerous to a business owner and their investment. To create an effective marketing campaign, it will take more than just experience and know-how. It takes years of relationship building, resources, online partnerships, content strategy and a very good sense of direction. Your content plan must be helpful to your readers and you must develop content that will hit their touch points.

You share because you want people to read and enjoy what you have just read, and you want to be first to share it. Your content needs to be so good that the reader actually feels so special reading it and believe they are first to read it, so they are inclined to share it quickly, sometimes without even finishing it. If your content is unique and delivered to the right people then you are off to a good start.

When its comes to organic marketing, you have to be smart and honed in on your keyword choices. Your keywords and relevant content are the foundation that supports your organic campaign. Choosing the best keywords for your business will drive more business opportunities and increase your bottom line. You may also want to consider a tri-fold marketing approach using Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing and Social Media. These three solutions working together will help your organic efforts.

Google will find your online asset more attractive and increase your sites visibility. In return, your organic traffic will boost and your site will drive more qualified visitors to your site. Google is the best at providing people what they want to know and getting them where they need to be. This is why they have 93% market share. So, if you have hundreds of thousands of visitors being driven to your site organically and you are not selling out shows, then you might want to reconsider your keywords, strategy and direction.

Get more specific with your keywords because people are also becoming more specific in their searches. Have a killer organic strategy so you drive traffic from your keyword focuses and variations of your keywords focuses. (peripheral keywords)

Eventually, the goal is to wean off paid-ads and earn more organic traffic each quarter, while funding the same flat rate marketing cost. It’s the marketing art of leveraging solutions. Focusing on the short-term while investing in the long-term. Once your long-term campaign matures, you end up spending less and getting more…A lot more.

Stay Relevant to the Attention Deficit Generation

Simply put, this generation is all over the place and they have several social accounts that send countless updates to their notification feeds. If the content you served up to them is not as good as the next headline that appears in their notification feed, then you’ve already lost them.

So, what do you do when there is so much noise online? You should keep your audience focused by keeping your content relevant, consistent, scheduled and up-to-date. You hear everyone write and talk about content, but no one wants to explain the psychology behind it – Why it works, how it’s helpful and how it effective it can be if used correctly.

In conclusion, while some of the above tips are easier to carry out than others, they could greatly increase your ticket sales. Take note of the ones that best suit your budget and strategy, then sit back and watch your show sell out.


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