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Worldwide Live Industry Professionals Join The VIP Online Panel

Worldwide Live Industry Professionals Join The VIP Online Panel

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A Note from Marc Gentilella, president of CelebrityAccess:

I affectionately call both VIP Booking and, our respective sister companies. 

VIP Booking, owned and run by Ronni Didriksen of Denmark is one of my closest friends and many in the industry probably do not even know that we’ve had a bond and relationship since each of us started our respective companies 22 years ago. We’ve lasted longer than most marriages, so there is a great trust built between each of us that’s stood the test of time. Both of our companies sell each of our products and have done so for each of our territories since the beginning.

With that said, when Ronnie told me about his plans to hold an online panel, to discuss the crisis in the Live Music Industry caused by the coronavirus, well I thought it was a fabulous idea and it turned out to be exactly that. I think by listening to this panel, in its entirety, it will help everyone in our industry understand that we are all in this together and all suffering similar fates.

There are a number of great insights and support, especially concerning the European and international markets, that one can gain from both listening and watching this discussion.

For those that are interested, I chime in for a bit with my opinions starting at around minute 46, minute 116, and also minute 122.

To all my European friends – stay strong and we will all survive in one form or another.

(VIP) – Live Music Industry professionals from around the globe joined the first ever online panel to discuss the crisis in the Live Music Industry caused by the coronavirus.

The panel was moderated by Ivana Dragila and featured 3 Live Music Industry Professionals filling the delegates in on how they`re handling the current situation and what they expect the future will bring.

Paulina Ahokas – MD, Tampere Hall (Finland)
Christof Huber – Director Festivals, Gadget ABC Entertainment Group (Switzerland)
Rob Berends – Founder, Paperclip Agency (Holland)

Besides the 3 panel guests, delegates from around the world contributed with their views on the various ways the industry is dealing with the crisis and provided updates on the help packages being offered in their different countries. Christof Huber who is also General Secretary and board member of the European Festival Association Yourope, updated us on their efforts as an association to push the EU to keep a focus on our industry.

Nana Trandou from High Priority Promotions in Greece, who among other events promote the Athens Rocks Festival, told us about her terrible experience over the past 7 weeks after being diagnosed and hospitalised with Covid-19. We were all very happy to see that she is now back in her home and on the way to recovery.

Nick Hobbs from Charmenko shared his view on the crisis and the situation in Turkey where he is located.

Noemia Matsumoto from Opus Entretenimento in Brazil told us about the specific actions the industry is taking in Brazil.

Marc Gentilella from CelebrityAccess gave his view on how he thinks the major US promoters and agencies will survive this crisis, many of which are carrying big debts after buying up companies worldwide for the past decade.

The Online Panel was a big success and it was evident that everyone was happy to get a chance to “meet up” again and share experiences with colleagues and partners from around the world.

Kari Possi from Blue Budda in Finland wrote an email to VIP afterwards saying “Thank you so much for collecting this panel today. I very much enjoyed this one and it was a very easy way to get updated information on what’s happening all over Europe & The World.”

This will be a recurring event so look out and register for future online panels as they are announced.

The first panel can be viewed in full here:

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