DMX Sound Snafu Triggers Brawl At Nassau

NASSAU (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — During a concert performance with co-headline Lloyd Banks and the G Unit, at Nassau Coliseum, a glitch with the audio caused James "DMX" Watson to cut his set short and led to a brawl that left one fan injured and many more disgruntled.

Things had gotten off to a bad start. Ticket sales hadn't been very good, leaving the venue half-full. One of the billed performers, rapper T.I. had been pulled from the lineup with only a sign at the box office on the day of the show as notice and DMX and his crew finally managed to get to the stage a full hour and a half after DJ Yung Joc told the crowd that the delay was due to "security measures".

Finally taking the stage at 11:30, DMX started in with his set, only to become irate at apparent sound problems. After his mic went out, DMX reportedly leapt off the stage and started attacking the sound engineer.

"DMX ran back, jumped off stage and started a fight with the sound person," Det. Sgt. Herb Daub of Nassau's Third Squad told Newsday on Sunday.

Venue security stepped in to break up the fight and escorted DMX backstage but he didn't stay put. A few minutes later, he and his entourage had returned to the stage where they started to pelt fans with bottles. The throwing exchange escalated until a chair was tossed on stage.

"A member of the audience picked up a steel folding chair and threw it on stage," Daub told Newsday. "It was thrown back off by a member of DMX's entourage and it struck the victim in the head."

The unidentified 29 year old woman was transported to the hospital and treated for her injuries. – CelebrityAccess Staff Writers