Entertainment Marketing: Discovery Phase

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There’s a lot of noise out there, so what are your plans to be heard?


Blogging and simple social media posts will not be enough if your goal is to amplify your brand and make an impact, especially in the entertainment industry. The right ingredients create a great campaign, just as they create good beats. The first step in kicking off a killer marketing campaign is discovery. It’s very important to engage in a discovery call prior to looking into marketing solutions. As a matter of fact, we barely touch on marketing the first call. We remove it from the conversation all together because its irrelevant at this point.


Successful marketing campaigns begin with an understanding of the business, client goals, budget and expectations. This goes for any business, not only those in the entertainment industry. If you’re a talent manager, how are you different or what is you niche market? What’s working for you now? Do you have clear goals, specific expectations and a well-defined budget? These are the important questions that should come first. This is the difference between investing a marketing budget vs. spending it.


Clear goals and a well-defined marketing budget are two important factors that should be addressed during initial discovery. There are no caps or limitations when it comes to a marketing budget so if we do not have this information, the playing field is too broad. Larger budgets will fund larger campaigns which means more resources are allocated. Smaller tier campaigns will have less resources are allocated. This does not mean smaller campaigns are ineffective, it only means that it is our responsibility to narrow your options and engage solutions that will be most effective and scale up from there.


We do not want to spread any budget too thin. Guessing, assumptions and inaccuracy are all results of opting out of the discovery call. This would not be conducive to any marketing development initiatives. Let’s say we have a call with a Talent Agency in New York City. We learn about their business niche, goals, and they share their client roster of 20 artists. Their goal is to increase their presence on Spotify and Instagram. One of the agents at the company says, “we want to promote our artists.” Then we would ask the agent about their budget availability and let’s say his response is, “We dont have one, we dont really know…”


Here’s a few questions that would need clarity during discovery: 

  1. How many artists will we be promoting?
  2. Are we promoting all 20 or will we start with 3 and scale up?
  3. Does each artist have their own budget or is their one total budget allocated for all of your artists?
  4. Are we focusing on the same goal for all of the artists or will the goals differ for each?
  5. Does each artist wants to focus on both Spotify and Instagram?
  6. Does each artist want to focus on a specific platform, Spotify or Instagram?
  7. How many listens or followers are you trying to reach within 6 months?
  8. Is this across both platforms or do you have specific goals and expectations for each platform.


These are a few questions that will help us put together a plan that will work towards your goals and meet your expectations. The budget is a an important factor that helps marketing companies narrow down the solutions provided. We can then identify if the budget provided will allow us to reach the number of listens and followers for the number of artists we are promoting.


We can provide entertainment marketing solutions that will be effective and help you reach your goals.


It all starts with the discovery! Get discovered today!


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